(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Fang Yanbo and I am nine years old now. I have studied Falun Dafa for more than two years. One day in school, I was taking a break while up on a stage. A schoolmate suddenly pushed me down off of the platform. I was not scared because I knew Teacher was around me. At the very moment when I fell, I saw Teacher's law body shining with golden light. I saw Teacher supporting my body with his hand and my body lying in his palm. And then, I landed safely. I knew Teacher was protecting me.

Upon getting home after school, I told my mom about it. Mom said, you can see how compassionate our Teacher is and you should make further improvement in your cultivation. I said I knew and I will remember that I am a young practitioner because the title is very holy and very hard for one to deserve.

Another time, I was playing with a soccer ball on the playground together with my classmates. One of my classmates carelessly kicked the ball and the ball hit a schoolmate of a higher grade. That higher-grade schoolmate thought I did it. He ran up to me and tried to beat me. At that time I was not scared at all, thinking that if you want to beat me just do it. As a result, his fists always slipped away before my face and missed me. He kept waving his hands toward me and murmuring something like "Why can't I hit you?" Then, I saw a transparent cover protecting me and I knew Teacher did it. With his hands sore and tired, my schoolmate was confused and ran away. All the onlookers were surprised and asked me why he could not hit me. I just smiled to them without any words.

After getting home, my mom told me that I was protected because I had no fear. Therefore, Teacher was protecting me. Also, my Mom said that it was a good chance to spread the Fa to others. I said I would let more schoolmates know that I am a Falun Gong practitioner and that I follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.

Another time I was playing with a classmate. He held his fists tightly and hit me on my head. As a matter of fact, that place in my head had caved in and it felt very, very painful. Then, that classmate was also scared. In spite of the intensive pain, I restrained myself from crying out because I am afraid that my crying would be heard by the teacher and would bring some punishment to my classmate. Therefore, I was able to tolerate it.

After hearing about this, my mom praised me many times and said that I deserved to be called a little practitioner. Although I felt very bad when hit by that classmate, I knew he did not do it on purpose and I didn't intend to have him punished by the teacher. My mom said this was the way that a Dafa young practitioner should behave.

One time when I was in second grade, I was watching my classmates playing soccer when their ball hit my waist. It felt very painful. But then I remembered Teacher mentioned in Zhuan Falun that a practitioner was hit by a car and she thought it didn't matter. As a result, it truly didn't matter. Therefore, when the classmate came to ask me, "Are you hurt?" I told him, "It's nothing." As a matter of fact, the pain was gone instantly. It was just miraculous.

The above were some events that happened to test my xinxing when I was in school. Whenever I had some time, I usually studied Dafa with my mom, or made phone calls to clarify the truth, or sent forth righteous thoughts. My mom said that we must do well in these three things that Teacher gives us to do so that we can live up to Teacher's expectation.