(Clearwisdom.net) On December 28, the 2003 Singapore Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference concluded successfully. Organized by the Singapore Falun Dafa Association, this conference was attended by practitioners from Singapore, Canada, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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Practitioner chorus singing during the conference Minghui school's young practitioners reciting Master's articles

During the conference, 23 practitioners shared their experience in cultivation and Fa rectification. The papers covered many topics, including clarifying the truth to local media, calling or faxing China, door to door truth clarifying in Singapore, clarifying the truth to Chinese tourists in parks, young practitioners' cultivation experiences, etc.

Falun Dafa was introduced to Singapore in 1996, and this conference is the sixth of its kind held in Singapore. Compared with other conferences in the past, this one had more experience sharing involving understandings of Fa rectification. It provided a precious opportunity for us to share insights with each other and will certainly provide a boost to the local practitioners' cultivation during the Fa rectification period.