(Clearwisdom.net) Florida practitioners held an event at a local flea market during the Christmas-New Year's period.

Dafa booth in a flea market Man signing petition Clarifying the truth

Determined to not let Charles Li's situation in China continue, Orlando practitioners rented a booth in a busy flea market to introduce the public to the horrific acts of violence the Jiang regime is taking against Falun Gong practitioners in China and to encourage support for American citizen Charles Li, who is detained in China.

The flea market is one of the busiest in the state of Florida, and frequented by approximately twelve thousand people. We were assigned a booth in a high traffic area. Petition sheets and signing of a large yellow banner was the way we introduced Falun Gong and the plight of Charles Li to the public. Our booth was next to a discount store, owned by friendly Chinese people. We purchased some products from the store, and each time we visited, we introduced the owners to Falun Gong. They also knew of the situation in China. They were supportive of Falun Gong, even though they didn't sign the petition sheet in support. Our presence was welcomed and their attitude toward Falun Gong and us was deep respect. Humorously, the store's customers often came to our booth to pay for items. We redirected them back to the store owner to pay for their products. By being their neighbor, they saw first hand what kind of people Falun Gong practitioners are in terms of honesty. The field in the area was very good. Master's arrangements were great, and as the day progressed we had amazing experiences.

Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference",

"Also, the beings you save when you clarify the facts and save sentient beings aren't ordinary human beings. Behind every person there are extensive and deeper cosmic ties. So what you're saving isn't that one person, and it's quite possibly a gigantic group of beings, or even a gigantic group of beings at very high levels. I've said that none of what's been bestowed upon and entrusted to Dafa disciples is simple--it's all really magnificent. But under normal circumstances none of the things we do when we're validating the Fa look like miracles or divine occurrences. They're all just human in form on the surface."

People visited our booth from various nationalities of the world. Once, a young Spanish woman visited our booth with her daughter and signed the petition. In less then an hour she returned with more young people to sign. We were deeply touched by her kind heart. When the booth was cleared again, the Spanish woman returned with more people. We were speechless while she was clarifying the truth to her friends, who then signed the petition.

On the yellow banner touching phases were signed:

"Free at last"

"Be free Charles"

"Come Home"

"Let him Go!"

"We believe in freedom"

In these phases we can clearly see that people's attitudes are changing rapidly, and people are becoming more aware and demanding his freedom now.

People were also surprised that our booth was unlike the vendors in the flea market, who was selling goods. We certainly weren't selling anything, but when the issue was presented we resolve it by changing our approach. When they realized that no money was asked for, they happily signed. That opportunity provided us a chance to speak of kindness that had no monetary compensation. Only a kind heart and a pen was needed to help those detained in China.

A young boy of six or seven named Cody walked up to the booth without his parents, who were working at a nearby business. He was well mannered and was playing in the flea market with a baseball. We asked if he wanted to help Charles Li, and he gladly signed. He left happily, tossing the ball in the air. Within minutes he returned with two of his playmates. Cody explained to his friends what they were signing. They personalized their signatures and even decorated the banner colorfully. We stood by, not saying much at all. Our hearts swelled with joy.

It was very touching to see that so many people supported the freedom of Charles Li.

We witnessed how people can make a difference in sharing and caring for another human being and from the prospective of the Fa, many things at different levels were changing. Visiting a humble flea market and gaining support and signatures shows that the voice of the American public is echoing and upholding justice. It is just a matter of time when those guilty of crimes against humanity will be held accountable.

Although throughout the day many people gained an understanding of Falun Gong and some people weren't interested at this time, the day provided us opportunities to clarify the truth in a more refined way and to examine our shortcomings. We also found that Charles Li's situation directly tested our steadfastness and determination in Dafa. We will continue to strive forward diligently to do well the three things, rescue Charles and save more sentient beings.

Thanks to Master Li for this precious opportunity.

We wish Master a Happy New Year!