(Clearwidsom.net) Following the on-going progress of the Fa-rectification, the evil factors that control sentient beings are growing fewer and fewer. Consequently, the sentient beings are waking up and the whole environment is becoming more tolerant. But in the jails, detention centers and forced labor camps where all the evil forces gather, more than one hundred thousand Dafa practitioners are still being illegally imprisoned. The environment in both the jails and the forced labor camps is very vicious and the Dafa practitioners imprisoned there are enduring tremendous tortures both physically and mentally.

We Dafa practitioners are one-body. It is our responsibility and duty to help the practitioners who are in jail to eliminate the evil and to create a righteous environment there. We should take the initiative to aggressively address the evil rather than just passively waiting for the vicious situation to change.

Other than sending forth righteous thoughts, making phone calls and sending emails, I think there is one more way which is even more convenient, simpler, more economical and safer: sending out truth-clarifying material by mail. There are tens of millions practitioners in Mainland China. If every practitioner sent one letter, several million letters could be sent out to every jail and forced labor camp nationwide. Therefore, we should fully utilize this way of clarifying the truth so that when the evils receive the letters from every corner of China and abroad it will be as though they are receiving heavy blows in other dimensions, which will powerfully terrify and help to eliminate the evil forces.

Therefore I suggest that practitioners everywhere in China collect all of the detailed addresses, postal zip codes and the administrative rosters of every jail and forced labor camp where Dafa practitioners are imprisoned and send them to Clearwidsom.net.

Some ideas about mailing letters:

  1. You can mail truth-clarifying flyers, brochures, letters warning of karmic retribution, and personal cultivation experiences.
  2. Use a variety of styles of thick envelopes. Do not mail many letters at one time. Drop the mail in different areas.
  3. Write out the precise address of the addressee, but for your safety, use a fake name and address for the return address.