(Clearwisdon.net) On December 24, 2003, Changyi District Court of Jilin City secretly tried Dafa disciple Zuo Yan. Having been on a hunger strike for 19 days, she was dragged into the court by two court policemen. Facing the judge and police, she spoke up in the court and defended herself. They were afraid of her righteous action and closed the court session quickly. Currently Zuo Yan and fellow practitioner Sun Fengqin are still on a hunger strike to protest the persecution and are imprisoned in the No.1 detention center.

Zuo Yan, 42 years old, staff member of Jilin City Jiaotong Bank, went to Beijing to appeal and was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor. She served her term in Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp. In the camp, she resisted the persecution with her righteous thoughts at all times, and clarified the truth of Falun Dafa to everybody she met. Two months later, she walked away from the forced labor camp with her righteous thoughts. After she got back home, she went back to work with dignity. She is regarded as an excellent employee by her boss and coworkers.

While making Dafa truth clarification materials on September 16, 2003, Zuo Yan was arrested by a joint police force consisting of police from Hada police station of Changyi District, "610 Office" and national security police. Despite facing all kinds of tortures and lies, she didn't budge. Instead, she clarified the truth to them and told them the law that "good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet evil".

Also on September 16, 2003, while making Dafa truth clarification materials, Sun Fengqin was arrested by police from Chuanying District, "610 Office" and national security police. She has been detained for more than three and a half months. Recently, the Chuanying District Court of Jiling City was planning to try her secretly.

Country code is 86; area code is 432 (do not dial area code before a cell phone number)

Jilin City Police Bureau, 2409221

Qu Guoliang, Deputy Mayor and Police Chief of Jilin City, 2409221 ext 2801

Xu Hongshan, Deputy Chief and Party Secretary of Jilin City Police Department, 2409221 ext. 28021(work), 2449606, 2086166(home), 13704411666(cell)

Jiang Jichang, Deputy Police Chief of Jilin City, 2409221 ext 24211(work), 2451341, 2409601(home)

Han Weimin, Deputy Police Chief, Jilin City, 2409221 ext 26331(work), 2488017, 2054088(home), 13904419966(cell).

Yue Zhongtian, Deputy Police Chief, Jilin City, 2409221 ext 24291(work), 2497666, 2036988(home), 13904408088(cell)

Di Jiexin, Deputy Police Chief, Jilin City, 2409221 ext 24051(work), 2499553, 2087788(home), 2010338

The Office of Chief Judge, Changyi District Court, Jilin City: 2793829, 2775183

Criminal Court Room, Changyi District Court, Jilin City: 2784351

Chuanying District Court: 4843181

The responsible parties in Changyi district: Yunheli police station

Wang Jiali, Police Chief, Yunheli Police Station, Changyi District, Jilin City: 2554895

Tang Aijun, Deputy Police Chief, 2554895

Guo Qiang, Police, 2554895

Li Yehua, police, 2554895

Wang Fucheng, Police, 2554895

Sun Zhuang, Jilin City 610 Police, 2010610