(Clearwisdom.net) An extensive and relaxed environment for Fa-study and Fa-rectification is not something that can be achieved just by contemplation. Only actions that continuously break through notions and self-obstructions can do this.

Success without any difficulties is not acquired on demand; it can only be acquired by understanding the Fa within the Fa, and through our righteous thoughts and actions during our verification of the Fa.

Wisdom and capability do not exist because we say they do, but can only be continuously and unceasingly achieved by our genuine faith in our venerable Teacher and Dafa within the very basic nature of our lives.

The vitality of Fa-rectification amongst the human race is not realized just by hoping for it in our hearts; but by the firm, steady, and correct steps we take. It is the result of our every steadfast step.

Everything in the most glorious future is not due to our individual efforts; it is due to the benevolence of our venerable Teacher. The results are from the greatness of our venerable Teacher, and the profundity of Dafa that provides benevolent solutions for all sentient beings and brilliantly illuminates the entire cosmos.