August 31, 2003

( Recently, truth-clarifying material sites have become widespread in some cities in China. More and more practitioners are clarifying the truth face-to-face in various ways and the effect is very good. As a result, many people who were deeply poisoned by the rumor-generating media and used to refuse to accept truth-clarifying materials understand the truth now.

Unfortunately, progress has not been very good in the countryside surrounding the cities. Therefore we would like to put forward the following thoughts, and have begun to implement some of the suggestions.

  1. The truth-clarifying materials in some outlying counties and the countryside are not up-to-date and insufficient. In the past, distribution of materials depended on the cities. In addition to helping with coordination, we should assist practitioners in outlying areas and the countryside in establishing their own material sites. First we need to help the local practitioners overcome their aversion towards technology and computers through experience-sharing and improved communication. At the same time, we need to assist them with electronic devices and modern technology.
  2. There are relatively few Falun Gong practitioners in some counties and villages, and consequently many locals still do not know the truth about Falun Gong. Many still believe the propaganda and rumors spread by the media and need us to save them. Some of our practitioners have friends and acquaintances in those counties and in the countryside. We should take advantage of these situations and go to those counties and villages to communicate with practitioners there. It would be even better to stay there for a prolonged period of time to promote truth-clarification with local practitioners. In addition to distributing truth-clarifying materials, face-to-face truth-clarification has a better effect. Farmers are busy from dawn till night and cannot read much. It is difficult for them to read printed materials; instead, chatting is an easier way for them to accept the truth. Additionally, lots of families in the countryside are related and familiar with each other. We can make a special effort to talk to those who do not know Falun Gong or have a negative attitude towards Falun Gong. This may increase our chances of saving people.