(Clearwisdom.net) Lots of Dafa experience sharing articles, especially articles on how to better make truth-clarifying materials or why a truth-clarifying materials production site was destroyed by the evil, emphasize the importance of studying the Fa well and how studying the Fa well can insure the success of truth-clarifying activities. Lots of my fellow practitioners also share such an opinion. One fellow practitioner told me, "If I didn't study the Fa well, the machine would often break down. As soon as I studied the Fa well, the machine worked perfectly well." Another practitioner once said to me, "I did not have time to study the Fa well in the past couple of days; I'd better not go out to clarify the truth now to avoid any evil interference." These remarks seemed logical when I first heard them, but were not after careful consideration. They treated studying the Fa well as protection for making truth-clarifying materials and telling the truth. In other words, the purpose of studying the Fa well became a form of safety insurance for doing Dafa work.

Once a starting point is wrong, it is easy to take studying the Fa as a procedure, rather than cultivation. There is a lesson to learn from this. A practitioner that I know was very good at making truth-clarifying materials, and the materials production site she was running grew significantly. As a result, her attachments of zealotry and showing off arose, and she spent very little time in studying the Fa. When other practitioners pointed out her problems, she committed herself to studying the Fa two hours each day, though she would just do it as a procedure rather than studying the Fa with a pure heart. This way she could respond to other practitioners that she had studied the Fa. Later she was arrested and sentenced by the evil and is still in prison now.

Each one of the three things Master told us to do is very important. Every diligent Dafa disciple should do all of them well and they are all inter-related. Studying the Fa well can in fact insure the success of making truth-clarifying materials, but this does not mean that the purpose of studying the Fa well is to better make truth-clarifying materials. We should study the Fa with a pure heart to assimilate to Dafa, not with the pursuit of solving any problems.

August 21, 2003