(Clearwisdom.net) August 30, 2003 was an unforgettable day for young Dafa practitioners in the Boston area. Chinese and Western little practitioners went to a school that looked like a normal school but was actually quite special and unique: Boston Minghui School. Minghui School's teaching is based on Falun Dafa. It teaches the students the principle "Truth Compassion Tolerance" along with the teaching of Chinese language and traditional courses.

The courses are rich and colorful with consideration for the characteristics of children. First, a Western practitioner corrected the movements of five sets of exercises. The children stood for 40 minutes and still didn't feel tired. Next, following the instructor, the students read carefully from Zhuan Falun and Hong Yin. Later, the teacher told them a story about Sakyamuni. This true story from ancient times deeply moved their young hearts. The children learned two Chinese words "Xiulian" (Cultivation) and "Fo" (Buddha). In moral education class, the instructor used "San Zi Jing" (Three Words Scripture) to teach the students about the view of life and the universe of the ancient Chinese people. In math class, the instructor taught about calculating in the mind.

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