(Clearwisdom.net) The team of "Rescue Charles Li Car Tour" arrived in Detroit, Michigan at the end of August. Since there is a large population of factory workers in Michigan, the annual Labor Day is an important holiday. The Michigan practitioners decided to combine two activities into one.

Channel 4 TV station interviews Foo Yungqin Channel 7 TV station interviews Foo Yungqin Reporter takes photos of practitioners doing exercises in the rain
Channel 2 TV station interviews Foo Yungqin Rescue Team member: a western practitioner from California Practitioners holding the banner in the rain

Every year, there are Labor Day activities in downtown Detroit, Pontiac and northern Michigan. Many elected officials participate in the activities to meet the voters. The western practitioners first attended the Labor Day Food Festival in Pontiac on August 30. They distributed flyers, collected signatures and clarified truth to the people. The Michigan practitioners contacted government officials and media ahead of time. On September 1, it was raining all day long; still, the Michigan practitioners and Rescue Team members went to downtown Detroit to clarify the truth. Though the scale of the parade was smaller than before, most of the important government officials attended the activity. Charles Li's finance' accepted interviews from three major TV stations in Michigan, Channels 2, 4 and 7, the largest newspaper, the Detroit Free Press, and Radio Station AM950. The reporter from the radio station said they came after work time to report this important news.

State Representative Steve Bieda emphasized, "America is a country built on the foundation of liberty. Your protest is our protest." State representative Aldo Vagnozzi supported Falun Dafa by saying that he had lived in Italy under the Nazi's control for seven years and suffered from that dictatorship. Congressman Sander Levin invited the Falun Gong practitioners to visit his office in Washington DC when they arrive there.

Two Americans passed by a practitioner and patted his shoulder, "We wish you good luck!" When the practitioner asked them to let their friends know about what happened to Charles Li, they both said, "I will." In the rain, one middle-aged woman stopped in front of the display boards about rescuing Charles Li. She carefully looked at the practitioners doing the exercises behind the boards. A female practitioner approached her and introduced Falun Gong to her. She said, "I felt the energy of the exercises so I stopped to watch it." She introduced herself as a Tai Chi teacher. She watched for a long time and talked with the practitioners.

With the practitioners' righteous minds and the Master's support, the activity of clarifying the truth succeeded.