As the evil factors slowly decrease, more and more local practitioners have started to clarify the facts with people face-to-face. One practitioner who was forced to become homeless due to the persecution has used this form of saving sentient beings for over half a year. Every day she walked the streets and alleys to tell people the truth of the persecution, and afterwards she would give them Dafa pamphlets. Not only did she allow many sentient beings to understand the facts of the persecution, but she has also improved her cultivation state along the way. Through practice, this practitioner has enlightened to the fact that [clarifying the facts face-to-face] can more effectively and more broadly let the world's people know the truth. After experience sharing, other practitioners have also started to use this method to clarify the facts.

The following is this practitioner's personal experience and a few accounts of her clarifying the facts.

Part I: Experiences of Clarifying the Facts Face-to-face.

At first it was difficult for me to clarify the facts face-to-face. I spoke rather slowly, and many notions and improper thoughts also interfered with me. Before I began, I would first get rid of any evil factors behind the person I want to clarify the facts to, then eliminate those behind me, and finally think of a topic for discussion. Oftentimes I would start the conversation with some trivial family matters, current social and societal trends, or economic problems, and gradually ease into the real topic of discussion. I usually go [clarify the facts like this] every afternoon until the evening. At first not too many people were willing to listen, but as strong righteous thoughts steadily overtook the improper notions, the efficacy and extent of my clarifying the facts also increased. As stray notions and incorrect thoughts quickly disappeared, I truly understood that clarifying the facts is an integral part of cultivation. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, as I sensed the other person is beginning to feel uneasy, I would immediately stop, search inward for any thoughts of impatience or zealotry, and promptly eliminate them. After that, the other person would again be willing to listen.

A righteous attitude or demeanor is very important in clarifying the facts. If I keep a righteous mindset it is possible to clarify the facts to as many as 40 people in any given afternoon, and they will be able to understand in a few words. The evil factors often try to interfere, but when I keep steady righteous thoughts, they cannot find any loopholes within, but whenever the umbrella above my stand tumbles down, or when cars stopped in front of me and honk their horns, I know that [it's the evil beings] trying to externally irritate me and force me to give up clarifying the facts. The evil cannot do anything as long as my heart remains unaffected. Sometimes in the middle of clarifying the facts, I could sense some bad things fall from my body, and I would notice the smell of burning meat. I knew that another group of evil beings had been eliminated.

As I clarify the facts face-to-face, I could truly feel the sentient beings yearning to learn the truth. Sometimes when I rode my bike around town, predestined people would greet me or stop me to chat. I'd wonder, "Do I know you?" They often reply, "I'm not sure, but I think I've seen you somewhere." Some people offer to let me sit in their chairs, some try to make me laugh, some try to prevent me from leaving, some clasp their hands together in Heshi position to say goodbye, and some held my hands and would not let them go. Sometimes I'd shed tears when speaking of fellow practitioners who perished in the persecution, and they would also burst into tears. Sometimes when I hand someone a Dafa pamphlet, others also come up and ask, "How about me?" "Please give me a copy", or "You forgot about me!" One day a fellow practitioner was waiting for me to leave, and after I handed out the last flyer to someone, he said, "This is great, please stay and talk more." Sometimes I would shed tears upon seeing that so many sentient beings are longing to be saved. How great it would be if I could split into more people to clarify the facts to even more people? Those sentient beings are like long lost relatives. Sometimes people gave me the thumbs-up and said, "You're great, and your Master is even more so." I knew deep down inside that it was Master encouraging me. Sometimes I did feel as if they were my relatives as I went to the countryside and cheerfully chatted with them. Once I visited a construction site, and the workers there all lived a simple life. They did not watch television, and didn't know what Falun Gong was about. It was very easy to clarify the facts to them as they gathered around. Sometimes they even feared for my safety, and said, "Auntie, you should leave soon. We have all learned the truth today." The workers who did the more arduous labor at the site took naps under the canopy, and after I clarified the facts to them, they all thanked me from the bottom of their hearts.

When we don't harbor proper thoughts and employ the notions of ordinary people, what we say becomes ineffective, and in half a day you'd be hard pressed to have clarified the facts to one person. I try to not think of anything at all, but only keep that one thought -- to save sentient beings. What we say also becomes everything they want to know, and they will truly be able to know the truth, and understand the great wisdom Dafa has bestowed upon Dafa practitioners. We may also use those parables or allegorical tales we used to know to effectively illustrate our point. When we keep a righteous frame of mind, the gaze from our eyes can even eliminate the evil's interference. One day I was clarifying the facts to about a dozen people, and I only looked at those who stood in the front. Those who couldn't see me acted rudely and said, "I don't believe anything you just said." When I looked over at them they immediately stopped and became calmer, and at the end they also sincerely expressed their thanks. After that incident, I now try to look at everyone I talk to. In the past four months of clarifying the facts, I've eliminated a lot of those improper notions and thoughts, and the attachment of fear has also subsided. I enlightened to the fact that the evil forces aren't the ones who are fearsome, but what's fearsome is that not a lot of practitioners are coming forward [to rectify the Fa].

I suggest that more fellow practitioners come out to clarify the facts face-to-face. If we manage to accomplish just one person a day, word-of-mouth will still enable more people to understand the truth. When all sentient beings know the facts of the persecution, the evil beings will no longer have its existence, and the day when the Fa rectifies the human world will be near.

Let us recite together Master's words in "New Year's Greetings from Master":

The endless journey has come to a close
And the pervasive haze is gradually dispersing
While righteous thoughts display the might of Gods
Returning to Heaven is no longer just yearned for