On July 14th, 2001, four Chengdu City Falun Gong practitioners were sharing their cultivation experiences at a practitioner's home in Sichuan Province. Suddenly, police from the Banshan Street Police Station burst through the door and ransacked the practitioner's home. They kidnapped the four practitioners. That September, they were illegally sentenced to serve time at a forced labor camp. They were transferred to Pengzhou City where they were illegally detained and brainwashed.

One of the abducted Dafa practitioners who was most severely persecuted at the Pengzhou City Brainwashing Center is Lin Wenying. The 60-year-old woman was severely beaten by agents of the "6-10 Office" [ an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.]. Because she refused to cooperate with the evil, Ms. Lin was beaten repeatedly with a club until her entire body was black and blue and she was immobilized.

On the morning of the Chinese New Year in 2001, Dafa practitioner Tang Yunxia was outside when she was grabbed by "6-10 Office" chief agents Huang Chengfa (subsequently transferred to another workplace) and Zhou Danhong, who was the driver. They slapped her face several times and Zhou kicked her. Then, they took her to the brainwashing center and forced her into a cell.

On March 12, 2001, all the practitioners at the Pengzhou City Brainwashing Center went on hunger strike to protest their persecution and demand their unconditional release. Five or six days later, their captors began to force-feed them. The practitioners remained steadfast and supported each other, refusing to let the evil aggravate the persecution. The "6-10 Office" was at its wit's end; they had to resort to having the village governments send someone to persecute the practitioners.

Auping Village government officer Chen Liang used a club to hit Dafa practitioner Zhou Huaguang dozens of times. Her hands and face were swollen and beaten black and blue until she was hardly recognizable. An officer from Renhe Village force-fed Dong Wuxia. Two-to-three of her teeth fell out from having her mouth pried open and she was bleeding non-stop.

A woman officer from Lian Village, Guo Lijuan, and others, including "6-10 Office" staff tied Dafa practitioners' hands and feet with ropes, then they started trying to open practitioners' mouths by sticking in chopsticks. Despite the fact that practitioners' mouths were busted, they couldn't force-feed them, so they changed tactics. They pinched Dafa practitioners' noses and faces, and then stuck chopsticks into their mouths to pry open their teeth. If the chopsticks broke, they replaced them with new ones, until eventually they found cracks between the teeth where they could force practitioners' mouths open. Some practitioners' teeth became loose from being forced apart; some fell out and practitioners' mouths just kept bleeding.

The evil tried everything they could think of. Some stuck their hands into practitioners' mouths to force down the end of their tongues. Others stomped on practitioner's bellies. Male "6-10 Office" agents made lewd gestures toward female practitioners' sensitive parts to intimidate them. Because Dafa practitioners Yang Qiru, Zhang Qinfang, Tang Yuxia, Zhang Xijun, Xiao Danfeng, Li Yongxian, Yi Zhixiu, Dong Wuxia, Zhou Guanghua and some others in the brainwashing center refused to cooperate with the evil, they were persecuted very brutally.

On May 26, Dafa practitioner Tang Yunxia saw the "6-10 Office" agent Luo Jiang dragging another practitioner, Zhang Tongfang. As she was dragged, the 34-year-old's pants and underwear were both torn off, exposing the lower part of her body. At that time, several males from the "6-10 Office" were at the site.

Zhang Qinfang had been on a hunger strike for more than two months. Her hands and feet had become numb and her muscles had shrunk. Tang Yongxia saw the evil people violently force-feeding Qinfang. They beat her and swore at her, so Tang spoke out, trying to make them stop. Luo Jiang opened the door, grabbed Tang's collar, and dragged her outside. He hit her so hard she was knocked out. Despite the fact that Tang has been on a hunger strike and is dying, the "6-10 Office" asked her and her family to write something to testify that she would give up cultivation in order to release her. Because she refused to cooperate with their evil demands, Tang has been illegally detained for life. The "6-10 Office" staff said to her with no shame: "Every day or every other day, we will force-feed you with some water, or rice soaked in water. You won't die, and we won't release you either."

Fellow practitioners, please send forth righteous thoughts when you read this news, to help Dafa practitioners being persecuted to resist the persecution, and to completely end the old forces' arrangements.

Originally posted on August 17, 2003