September 14, 2003


Ding Tao (Head of Division One), male, guilty of the most heinous crime, acts as Jiang's accomplice accoa in persecuting Falun Gong.

Zhang Chunyuan (Section Chief), male, over 30 years old. Commited terrible crimes in defaming and slandering Dafa practitioners.

Crime #1: brings along floppy disks containing Dafa material, and seeks opportunities to load the floppy onto practioners' computers. If there is none, the next step is to leave it in their homes, then use it as "evidence " to illegally seize the practitioners.

Crime #2: Submits the fabricated material to the prosecutor and uses it against practitioners in the midst of illegal trials.

Crime #3: Personally takes a hand in torturing practitioners; does not allow practitioners to sleep for long periods of time.

Policeman Jiang Tao, severely persecutes practitioners, and also frequently leads others to illegally seize practitioners.

Persecution methods: Section One of Hefei City Public Security Bureau first takes practitioners to a hotel, then tortures them. They often take at least one or two floors of the hotel, or sometimes take the entire hotel for many months at a time. Just for the case of Ms.Yang Jingfang, they had taken Hongxing Hotel for many days. The police recklessly torture practitioners there using electric batons. They beat practitioners mercilessly and also do not let them sleep for long periods of time. The police also administer force feeding, handcuff practitioners to a steel table so they can't move, and prohibit them from using the restroom. In the case of Ms. Yang Jingfang, who is near 60 year old, they handcuffed her onto an iron table for 32 days, resulting in edema over large parts of her body. Her body was also covered in dirt which had a rancid smell. People who know her can't recognize her without taking a closer look and examining carefully.

Wen Yan, female, 25-year-old Hefei Industry University undergraduate student, was handcuffed onto an steel table. She was not allowed to bathe so her entire body was covered with dirt and menstrual blood which dripped down her legs. The police screamed at her at close range and tortured her every day. They also often resorted to using lies made by Jiang in order to brainwash her, thus her spirit collapsed; and it was contrary to her convictions to acknowledge the police's deceit.

Many practitioners are persecuted in the Hefei high-quality hotels. Besides Hongxing Hotel, other hotels used by the police to persecute the practitioners are: Huali Hotel, Jingxin Hotel, Xinhua Hotel, and so on.

The police have also built a place -- 'new two looks' inside of Hefei Second Detention Center and use it for persecuting practitioners. Inside, there are all kinds of torture instruments. Practitioners are handcuffed onto steel chairs, both day and night, with one room per person. It is here that the police do whatever they want. They strike practitioners when they feel like it, curse them, and do not allow them to sleep. They even force feed practitioners who are on hunger strike. Many practitioners are handcuffed onto the iron chairs for a long time, which results in edema over their entire body. The practitioners are also tortured both physically and spiritually, everyday.

Listed below are the telephone numbers of Section one of Hefei City Public Security Bureau:

Section One of Public Security Bureau, Political Security Office: 86-551-2653138

Gong, Division Head: 86-551-2651776, ext. 2170 (office)

The list of the names of vicious police: Ni Xiaohua, Ding Tao (Division Head), Liang Wenming, Chen Song, Luo Jian, Jiang Yi (female), Shi xx, Zhang Chunyuan (Section Chief), Jiang Tao, Wang xx.