Jinzhou City Female Paid to Persecute Dafa Practitioners; At Present She Has Lost Everything

In the 14th compound in the Wenshengli Aviation School in Jinzhou City, there was a lady named Mrs. Lu whose job was to monitor Dafa practitioners. Mrs. Lu received the wages of the persecuted practitioners. Not long ago, Mrs. Lu was swindled of more than 40,000 Yuan, a ring and more--a total of more than 50,000 Yuan. People say that this happened because she did bad deeds.

A Lanxi County Man Who Did Not Know the Truth Reported On Practitioners, Did Evil Deeds, and Ruined His Family

Yu Zhongwen of Lanyang Ltd. in Lanxi County reported on two practitioners who were handing out truth-clarifying materials. This led to their arrest. One of the practitioners was sentenced to 3 years. Within half a month of the incident, Yu Zhongwen suffered retribution. His son was beaten to a semi-comatose state. He still hasn't recovered and his conscience is not clear.

Ying City, Hubei Province: Chief Justice Who Sentenced Dafa Practitioners To Illegal Jail Terms Goes to Prison Himself

Since July 20th, 1999, Liu Runsheng, the Chief Justice in Ying City, Hubei Province, has used his full strength to follow Jiang's evil group and persecute Dafa practitioners. In October 1999, he illegally sentenced practitioner Xiong Wende to three years in the Fanjiatai Jail in Shayang City. Since then, he has sentenced and persecuted countless practitioners.

Liu Runsheng has now himself been sent to prison for corruption.

The Police Station Head in Dawu County, Hubei Province is Detained

Since July 20th, 1999, Xu Zuwang, the head of the Dawu County Police Station in Hubei Province has directly participated in and manipulated others to persecute many practitioners. Recently, Xu Zuwang was detained himself.