September 2, 2003


A partial list of names of evil police officers at Qingpu No. 3 Labor Camp in Shanghai:

Hong, political head; Xiang, division chief; Shi, team leader; Zhao, team leader.

Police officer Xiang once commented at a meeting, "If any Falun Gong practitioners who gave up practicing against their will want to come back to Dafa, the labor camp will strengthen persecutions measures to stop them."

The police forced all people who gave up Dafa to repeat slanderous words against Dafa. They also posted slanderous slogans on the wall facing detainees while they were sitting on the small stools; other criminals would torture anyone who refused to read it.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Luu Jinlong suffered severe torture, which damaged his leg muscles. He could not squat down, nor could he stand up once he squatted down.

The torture Dafa practitioner Mr. Hu Linggen suffered made his lower leg swell as big as his thigh. He has cigarettes burns on his neck and a hole in his forehead.