(Clearwisdom.net) In the morning I left home carrying a large picture of Charles Li. The sun shone on the picture and Charles looked radiant.

A lady waiting for the bus asked me some questions. I gave her a flyer and tried my best to clarify the truth with my limited English, explaining to her that he is a "U.S. citizen, Guangzhou Airport, prison, Chinese Party totalitarianism, no human rights, no freedom of religion, persecution of Falun Gong, 1,600 beaten to death, including elderly, a young mother and her baby who was less than eight months old..." She understood and shook her head, and was indignant at Jiang's atrocities.

After I got on the bus, I put Charles' picture in a prominent place and people began asking questions. Before I opened my mouth, the lady started talking about Charles and Falun Gong to the surrounding people.

A mother with three children said, "I'll tell my friends and relatives."

An older woman said, "I'll take the flyer to my church and together we'll rescue him."

When I collected signatures at a subway station and a bus stop, people signed their names. A man who didn't have time to sign pointed at the senator's phone number and said, "I'll make phone calls."

On my way home, when I gave the last flyer to a young man next to me, he said, "I'll take it to school and tell my teachers and classmates about it."

I walked around Washington D.C. with Charles' picture hanging from my chest. At first, people asked with curiosity, "Do you know him?" "Is he your friend?" Then they asked me, "Is he your nephew?" "Is he your son?" I explained, "We are both Falun Gong practitioners. We practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance."

Then, people stopped asking. On the subway train, a lady gingerly sat down next to me. She looked at Charles' picture and said in a low voice, as if afraid to hurt me, "Your son looks like you!"

Over and over, people consoled me with sincerity and kindness, "Your son will return safely! I'll pray for him." "Your son will return safely, I'll speak out for him." "I'll write to the senator for him." "I'll send email to people."

Their kindness moved me. I didn't need to explain and only thanked them in my heart. Thank you, sincere and kind Americans. Gods have seen your kind hearts and will give you a brighter future.

Charles and I are not from the same family but we are closer than family members. The relationship between us is noble and pure. What is most precious today is that we are able to follow Master to rectify the Fa. I cherish the predestined relationship we formed in our past lives because of Fa-rectification.

Once when I was distributing flyers at a subway station a person said politely, "No thanks. I don't like Chinese food." We are doing the most sacred thing, but he misunderstood me. I felt very sad.

Master said,

"You need to have ordinary people understand the things you do. Don't make ordinary people think we're after some ordinary thing--absolutely not!" ("Lecturing on and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference")

Master said in Zhuan Falun,

"And besides, we have to talk about the Law and spread the Law, so not speaking wouldn't work".

I learned an English sentence during a phone call with a fellow practitioner, "Rescue an U.S. citizen from China." I again remembered what Master said,

"How could they arrest other countries' citizens? You know what? When you're clarifying the truth and once Americans find out, the American public gets furious. Ever since the reforms and opening up to the West, the Chinese government has been racking its brain to show the world how great it is so that people will go along with the existence of the **** Party's government. Isn't that right? Yet for Western society, especially among the American public, they already had a feeling of disgust towards the **** Party. When they do those things it only makes Americans have even more negative feelings inside, and it makes other nations the whole world over feel extremely negative towards them." ("Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference")

I want to clarify the truth and expose the evil according to the Fa principles, but how can I do that since I don't speak English well?

At a subway exit, people going to work rushed out like a flood. I didn't have time to give a flyer to everyone. Seeing so many people who passed me by, I grew anxious. Today may be the only opportunity for them after tens of thousands of years of waiting. How can I hold up rescuing people just because I'm afraid or can't speak English?

"Jiang Zemin persecutes a U.S. citizen." An English sentence slipped out of my mouth. As if suddenly awakened, people around me looked up and asked me for flyers. Some people had already walked past me but they returned for the flyer. I was surprised! I didn't know that I could say this sentence and I didn't know if I said it right. Two American ladies came to me. They read the flyer and expressed their support. I said to them, "I want to tell it to everyone, do you think this would work? Jiang Zemin persecutes a U.S. citizen." They said, "Great! Say it and everyone will understand."

At around noon, not many people were at the subway station. I walked to a busy intersection and hung up Charles' picture. Passersby could see the words from a long way off, "Rescue an U.S. citizen from China;" "Jiang Zemin persecutes a U.S. citizen." Two simple English sentences showed Dafa practitioners' determination in saving people and exposing the evil. People walked to me and took the flyer; they thanked me and expressed support. The look in their eyes showed admiration and respect. Some people greeted me and some people bowed to me. Someone even made the heshi gesture to me.

This is Dafa's benevolence and mighty virtue. Master, thank you!

To cooperate with fellow practitioners to clarify the truth to the U.S. government more deeply and more thoroughly, and to bring Jiang to justice, we went to the streets near U.S. government offices and departments, Congress, the White House and the State Department.

One day it was raining heavily. I clarified the truth on a street near the State Department. The umbrella could only cover the truth clarification material but not Charles' picture or myself. I said to Charles in my heart, "In order to offer people salvation, let's endure the rain."

A lot government officials and workers at the State Department took the truth clarification flyers; many of them immediately began reading in the rain, but a young person made two trips without taking the flyer. Each time I saw him I said in a calm and kind voice, "Jiang Zemin persecutes a U.S. citizen" "Jiang always lies. Please don't believe his lies."

The rain grew heavier. Hours had slipped by and Charles' picture was soaked. I wore a poncho and water dripped from my hat, sleeves and legs. The young man again came to me and said, "This time I came to get the flyer."

A man said to me, "You are doing something outstanding."

A middle-aged man walked toward me. I took out the flyers that were already wet, although I tried to protect them from the rain, "Please rescue U.S..."

He interrupted me, "Charles Li." "Oh, Sir, you already know. Thanks for your attention and understanding." He looked at me and said, "Are you Falun Gong?" "Yes sir. Jiang Zemin persecutes Falun Gong..." Thinking about Charles and fellow practitioners who suffer all kinds of torture in prison, and the people who are poisoned by shameless lies, who walk toward destruction without being aware of it, tears poured out from my eyes...

With a solemn expression on his face, the man took the wet Dafa truth clarification flyers. He stared at them for a while and looked at me, as if there were many things he wanted to say. Yet he didn't say anything. He turned around and walked toward the State Department in a steady and determined manner.

I clearly felt that a feeling of righteousness was rising within him, "Bring Jiang to the court of history!"

During the battle between the good and the wicked, the righteous and the evil, just and kind American people will make the decision for justice!