(Clearwisdom.net) August 7th report: below is an article written by a Dafa practitioner who was illegally arrested in July and was unconditionally released eight days later:

1. The police speak only lies and hypocritical words, fellow practitioners, don't be deceived.

The police don't dare to yell at practitioners. They are always smiling, but they are planning cruel tactics in their head. They try to deceive practitioners by all means in order to achieve their goal.

After I was arrested, they interrogated me. I didn't answer their questions and only clarified the truth, so they could get nothing from me. They then lied to me saying, "Let's go to the hospital and have a physical exam, so later we can find an excuse to release you." I believed them and thought I had done a great job eliminating the evil and clarifying the truth, and that they really wanted to release me, so I followed them to the hospital. However, they sent me to a detention center right after the exam.

Now I understand that not cooperating with the evil is not cooperating with any of the evil's attempts, regardless of whether they look beneficial or non beneficial to us on the surface. Unconditionally following Master's words and never cooperating in any situation is the right thing to do.

I held a hunger strike at the detention center, and the head of the detention center talked to me, saying, "Why hold a hunger strike? You didn't have any big problems and we'll release you in a short time. If you hold a hunger strike, you'll be sent to a labor camp for sure."

These were again deceitful words: they were afraid of my holding a hunger strike, so they tried to get me to eat using all kinds of lies. Recently, among the illegally detained practitioners in my area, at least four were released after holding a hunger strike. When we started eating, they were no longer afraid and could therefore intensify their persecution. Many practitioners listened to their lies and stopped the hunger strike, and as a result they were sent to labor camps.

They were even lying just moments before I was released. On the eighth day, a police officer came to the detention center and asked me to pack up. When he saw that I gave several of my clothes to inmates in the same cell, he said, "You're being sent to forced labor, what are you going to wear if you give all your clothes away?" In fact, they didn't sentence me to forced labor. The reason he said this was because he was afraid of the detainees including the practitioners realizing the power of a hunger strike, so he tried to put on a fa ade: "look, you'll be sent to a labor camp even if you hold a hunger strike," so he can keep others from doing the same thing.

2. Dafa Practitioners can only validate the Fa well when we do well ourselves

The outcome is good when we clarify the truth to police officers. However, one police officer said something noteworthy, "Not all you practitioners are good people. I know someone who borrowed money and didn't return it for a long time." Although I think I answered this question very well, I deeply felt that if Dafa practitioners don't do well ourselves, when ordinary people see this they would think Dafa and Dafa practitioners are not all that pure and righteous, and they would further develop bad thoughts about Dafa.

Some practitioners don't think of others and don't deal with issues in an appropriate manner, which make neighbors and colleagues think Dafa practitioners are selfish; a few practitioners don't fully devote themselves to Dafa practice and their lifestyle is questionable. The bad impression they give ordinary people is not something that can be rectified with several flyers.

Therefore, if Dafa practitioners don't do well, we would push ordinary people into opposing Dafa. This issue is very serious and cannot be taken lightly.

3. The police are very different now

a) The head of a criminal police division who knows about the truth -

In the police car, the driver said something disrespectful of Dafa, and the head of the criminal police division reprimanded him, "Shut up! I have no choice because this is my job, but what does this have to do with you? Aren't you afraid of receiving divine retribution for saying that?" On our way to the detention center, the head kept listening to Master's Fa lecture tape he confiscated from Dafa practitioners.

b) Two young police officers -

The young police officers who were in charge of watching me were very focused on listening to my truth clarification. When I stopped, they would say, "Madam, come on, tell us more, please."

c) Head of the politics committee of the police department -

The head of the politics committee of the police department came to "reform" me, but he ended up listening to me clarify the truth the whole time.

4 The rectified environment of the detention center -

For several years, fellow practitioners have done very well in the detention center, and a better environment has been created. I was completely free to do exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. When the prisoners sat on the benches, I sat in front of them and clarified the truth to them for days on end. When the guard saw me, she didn't interfere.

Even the prisoners know Dafa practitioners don't wear detention center uniforms. They gave me a uniform when I arrived, and a prisoner said, "Dafa practitioners don't wear uniforms", and she put it away.

I clarify the truth to the prisoners everyday, and they loved to hear it. Once when I was talking, two young prisoners said something in a low voice, and "A," a quick-tempered prisoner grew angry and shouted at those two. When the guard heard the noise, she thought a fight was taking place and she came over and asked what was going on. "A" said loudly, "She says it so well yet these two don't keep quiet and always talk." The guard didn't say anything and walked away. Later, the two young prisoners said, "Actually we were saying it's wonderful, we've never heard this kind of talk before."

5 Look inward for the problem

This time I truly felt that there really was not much evil left, and if our righteous thoughts are strong they are nothing. I also felt at this time I should not be incarcerated at all, and I should not be persecuted by the evil, so what was my problem?

a) irrational truth clarification

I was abducted this time because I was not rational when clarifying the truth, and I didn't take it seriously when I saw a monitor. I just thought Dafa has great power so the monitor couldn't work. I was almost acting like the person who held a Dafa book and claimed he was not afraid of getting hit by a car [an example given in Zhuan Falun]. Not paying serious attention to the issue of safety has always been a problem I had, and this time I learned a good lesson.

b) my xinxing didn't improve for a long time

I could see my own greatest omission in two articles "Our Own Improvement is Fundamental to Our Doing Everything Well" (1, 2) published on Clearwisdom Net on July 2 and July 3 http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/7/14/38106.html http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/7/18/38240.html. Although I didn't yield on studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, my xinxing however didn't improve and I wandered on the same level for a long time. My attachment to fame, interest and sentiments wasn't reduced, and I became slack in my personal cultivation.

I found this issue exists for many fellow practitioners. After we made exchanges, many practitioners felt that our requirement for ourselves is much more lax then when we first obtained the Fa, we could even say that we are completely loosening up on personal cultivation, and that we only think about validating the Fa and not cultivating ourselves. If we keep this way for a long time, the serious consequences are undoubtedly clear. I only hope practitioners who also have this issue can pay attention to this.

Above is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please point out anything inappropriate.