August 6, 2003


On August 9, 2001, the Dalian City Labor Camp forcibly sent 20 Falun Dafa practitioners who are steadfast in practicing Falun Dafa to the Guanshan Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. On December 5, they sent another 12 practitioners to the camp.

On December 24, 2001, Dafa practitioners Jiang Junsong and others were reported to authorities by Zheng He for sharing and copying Master Li's scriptures (Zheng He was later given a disciplinary warning for stealing food from practitioners and beating and cursing them). When guards from the 1st Brigade in the labor camp tried to force Jiang Junsong to admit that he was wrong to share and copy Master Li's scriptures, he firmly refused. They then used electric batons to shock him. Jiang shouted, "Falun Dafa is Good!" The guards stuck an electric baton into his mouth, causing large blisters. After torturing him with the electric baton for more than 30 minutes, the guards threw him into a small cell. Jiang was held captive in that cell for more than 2 weeks. During the entire time he was cuffed to the radiator. During the day, when the temperature was 4 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, the guards left the door open so that he would freeze.

On April 7, 2002, the labor camp broadcast a TV program that defamed Dafa. When practitioner Mao Yonggang said that he did not want to watch it, the guard beat and cursed him then and there. When Dafa practitioners Zhao Yongsheng and Jiang Junsong asked the guard why he beat Mao, they also received beatings and curses. Afterwards, the head of the 7th Brigade, Mr. Tian, and the head of the squadron, Mr. Wu, did not punish the guard who assaulted the practitioners, but rather threw Zhao Yongsheng and Jiang Junsong into small cells, stripped them of clothes except for their underwear, and cuffed them to the radiator pipes. The temperature that night was again below freezing. They told criminals in the cell who were assigned to watch them to read aloud books defaming Dafa and force the practitioners to listen. They told the criminals not to allow those practitioners to sleep during the night. Zhao Yongsheng was sent back the next day, but Jiang Junsong was tormented for another 2 weeks. Yu Li, the guard who was responsible for keeping an eye on the cells, would oftentimes return drunk during the night, and would yell at Jiang Junsong saying, "I'll beat you for no reason." Then he would tell the criminals, "You guys take care of him. If anything happens, I'll explain it to the authorities."

In mid-June of 2002, practitioner Wang Lin was often beaten and cursed at by criminals Yang Dong and Chen Hongbin. Yang Dong also spit in Wang Lin's mouth when he was unconscious after being tortured. The police shortened the terms of these prisoners. Yang Dong and Chen Hongbin are both evil and cunning people. Yang Dong would often make up reasons to frame Dafa practitioners; he once put glass shards under a practitioner's bed and then accused him of attempting suicide. Afterwards he asked for a reward from the head authorities. However, Chen Hongbin would secretly give Yang Dong ideas. Many criminals who still held some kind thoughts were disgusted by the actions of these two men.