July 30, 2003


July 30, 2003

By Yun Mei (alias), An Internet friend from China

Note: This friend and I have been in correspondence via the Internet for over a year. At the beginning she dared not talk about Qi Gong, let along Falun Gong. After gradually gaining her trust through our communication, she told me that she actually used to like Qi Gong. She was also interested in Falun Gong. As she understood more about the truth, she expressed her strong support for Falun Gong and volunteered to tell her friends the facts about Falun Gong.

After participating in the recent activities in Washington DC, I sent her some of the reports and pictures, and related what I had learned to her. Below is what she wrote back.

* * *

Dear Meng Hong,

I received your letter and understand that you have been very busy lately doing something that benefits mankind. I earnestly wish everyone could understand the truth of this matter!

After seeing how people overseas support and respect Falun Gong, I know people can see it clearly. One day everyone will understand and support Falun Gong, not like here in China, where people are unable to distinguish right from wrong, and are deprived of human rights!

I have had my fair share of brushes with the police in my daily life. I feel the police here are nothing more than bodyguards for the government officials; most of them are corrupt. One time I lost my wallet. My sister's friend was the chief of a police precinct. When I went to see the chief, the leader of a certain criminal gang was having a chat with him. When I mentioned that I lost my wallet, the chief turned to the gang leader and asked if he knew. The leader of the thieves said that the area concerned was not his territory. I realized then that in China, like the saying goes, "the police and the bandits are one family!"

I am sure you are aware that Falun Gong is still being persecuted in China. The reason is very simple: the government is against it, and the citizens are afraid to say anything. Therefore, anything related to Falun Gong is "against the law."

After I got to know you, I realized that you are a good person. This reinforces my good impression towards Falun Gong! In China the Falun Gong practitioners that are being detained are really being treated unjustly!

In 1994, by chance, I saw many things that would take place in the future. Someone also told me that one day we would not be able to practice cultivation peacefully. At the time I didn't know why. Now it has actually materialized everywhere in Chinese society, hasn't it? People in power suppress Falun Gong because they are paranoid about losing their power. They vilify those who can see their faults and those who are better than them. Actually they just want to control other people's thinking and protect their interests!

I will stop for now. Wishing you safety and happiness.

You friend from far away, Yun Mei.