1. The Death Case:

Mr. Zhao Fengnian, a cadre at the Ershilipu Industry and Business Bureau in Zhengding County, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on April 29, 2001. The police brutally beat and injured him. The personnel from his work unit brought him back and continued to persecute him. On the evening of May 5, Zhao suddenly disppeared from the work unit. On May 11, his body was dug out from the roadbed underlying the railroad connecting Beijing and Guangzhou. Upon inspection, his body was determined to have been buried for two days. His head was hardly recognizable, and his back, shoulder, and abdomen had severe swelling. His work unit and local police station strictly blocked the news and forced his family into cremating the body quickly.

2. The Illegal Sentences:

Shang Kuifeng, the former assistant deputy head of Zhengding County, was illegally sentenced to ten years. In order to arrest Shang, they spent hundreds of thousands Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] and used massive resources and manpower, going to many areas including Beijing, Tianjin of Shanxi Province, and Taiyuan, Handan, Xingtai, Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province. They also involved many of Shang's relatives and friends, including his driver, who was detained for more than ten days.

Song Jianmin, a cadre of Zhengding County Communist Party Committee, was sentenced ten years.

Wei Zhanjun, a reporter of Zhengding TV Station, was sentenced to five years.

Zheng Lanxia, a doctor, was cruelly beaten and sentenced to four years.

Xing Guochang, a former volunteer assistant at a practice site in Zhengding County, was sentenced to five years.

Practitioner Zhang Ruihe was sentenced to five years.

Practitioner Zhao Jinmin was sentenced to more than five years.

3. Steadfast Practitioners Paraded through Streets

The police in Zhengding County also parade the practitioners through the streets to humiliate them. On On September 26, 2002, they cuffed and paraded practitioners Song Jianmin, Zheng Lanxia, and Wei Zhanjun in Zhengding City. Then, they brought them to a "public trial" alongside criminals and sentenced them.

4. The Brutal Torture

1) In July 2001, the police from Zhengding Police Department arrested practitioner Bai Jing from the street. After failing to make him frame other practitioners, the police brutally beat him until he lost consciousness. Hu Jun, the Deputy Head of the police department and the Head of "610 Office"*, ordered Zhang Ruiyu from the Politics and Security Section and driver Yu Ligang to send Bai Jing to the county hospital. In the hospital, a nurse cried in fear upon seeing Bai's legs, which were covered with bruises from the beatings.

After detaining Bai for two months, the police sent him directly to a forced labor camp for three years. He was later transferred to Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. Bai has been firmly practicing Falun Gong. They released him after eight months because he became disabled; his left leg's muscles atrophied due to the tortures he endured. Yet, the police continued to harass Bai at home and forced him to become homeless in order to avoid the persecution.

2) During the Spring Festival in February 2000, Zheng Lanxia went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. The police brought her back and interrogated her by means of torture from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. Three police officers took turns slapping her in the mouth, causing cuts to open. Blood poured from her mouth. They beat on her chest, back, and extremities with a wooden club, causing her entire body to swell up. She was in extreme pain.

Police officer Zhang Ruiyu struck her hand with the club, breaking a bone. Police officer Yu Ligang hit her chest and legs with the club. Officer Cai Shengli forced her down on her knees and also forced her into a squatting position. Now, they've sentenced Zheng Lanxia to four years and are holding her at the Zhengding County Detention Center.

3) In June 2001, the police arrested Song Jianmin, a cadre at the county's Party Committee, and his wife Zheng Lanrui, a cadre at the county's government, from their home. The police have confiscated goods from their home on many occassions. This time, they took property worth more than 10,000 Yuan in cash, a van, a copier, some daily necessities, a cell phone, family members' pictures, personal letters and a diary, and some jade carvings.

Four police officers interrogated the couple separately under torture. Policeman Cai Shengli, the Deputy Chief of Politics and Security Section, cuffed Mr. Song's hands from behind, drove the cuffs into his flesh, and caused him twice to lose consciousness from the excruciating pain. Cai then kicked Mr. Song's shins with his leather boots and broke his leg. Blood flowed freely from his wrists and leg. Cai told policeman Zhang Dongpin to beat Mr. Song with a wooden club. He did so and made Mr. Song's back, legs, and buttocks black and swollen. At night, they cuffed him to a bedpost until 8 a.m. the next day. They continued to interrogate him. The police who beat Mr. Song also included Jun Lihua (female), the Chief of Politics and Security Section and driver Yu Ligang. At the end of June 2001, after beating him for three days, they sent him to Lingshou County. Currently, they've sentenced him to ten years and are holding him at Zhengding County Detention Center.

The police continuously beat Zheng Lanrui, leaving her near death; then, they sent her to Zhengding Detention Center. In jail, they continued to torture her and sent her to the county hospital. She now is bedridden and cannot take care of herself. The work units stopped paying the couple's salary. Also at this time, there is no one to take care of their four school-aged children. They are in a very difficult situation.

The people who beat practitioners include Hu Jun, the Deputy Director of Zhengding County Police Department, Cai Shengli and Zhang Ruiyu, the Deputy Chiefs of Politics and Security Section, and Yu Ligang, a driver. They not only beat and injured more than a dozen practitioners, but also beat practitioners' family members, including the elderly and children.

We've heard that since the summer of 2001, many police who tortured practitioners have received karmic retribution. Cai Shengli was involved in a car accident and is now sick. Zhang Dongbin had to receive intravenous fluid for illness and remains bedridden.

*The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.