Driver Cautions Policemen to Avoid Persecuting Dafa Practitioners

A driver for the public security department took a Dafa disciple and two policemen in his car. One of the police said, "Our superiors have given us the order to deal with her tonight (meaning that they would torture her)." The driver said, "Do you need to use torture on this unarmed and ordinary woman simply because she is believing in and practicing Falun Gong? It is not worth it to follow such orders, as you may end up taking the responsibility for any possible consequence. Don't be foolish." One of the policemen said, "You're right! Falun Gong practitioners have done nothing wrong, and I indeed could not persecute them."

Rescuing Good People and Doing Good Deeds Will Bring Good Fortune

One of my friends often heard people saying that Falun Dafa is a very good cultivation practice that teaches people to be good persons, can help people's heart to learn to be kind and compassionate, and can restore and upgrade the morality of human beings. He believes that doing good deeds will bring good fortune and doing bad deeds will bring bad karma. One day, when he went to a brainwashing center to run an errand, he saw that officers in the brainwashing center were violently beating practitioners. He was very angry. He knows that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. When the police officer left, he immediately opened the door and said, "There is no one outside now. You all can leave immediately." Thus, he helped release three Dafa practitioners. Later this friend said, "Rescuing good people and doing good deeds will bring good fortune."