"What is the Music You are Playing? My Body Feels so Comfortable When I Listen to It."

One day, several practitioners in Mainland China went to a temple to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. On route, they played the Falun Dafa music "Pudu" and "Jishi" as they walked. Many people were going to the temple; there were three people walking not far ahead of them. The one in the middle was a sixty-year old woman. She appeared to be afflicted with rheumatism and other ailments, and could not walk very fast. She was supported and helped along by two younger persons, one on each side. When the practitioners got near them, the elderly woman asked: "What's the music you are playing? I feel comfortable all over." One of the practitioners said: "This is the Buddha coming to save us," and held the cassette player closer to the elderly woman so she could hear better. Then the practitioners told them about Dafa as they walked. They listened very attentively. In the course of the conversation, the elderly woman felt that her legs were no longer numb or painful, and her body felt light. So she told the two persons supporting her that she could walk by herself without help.

Every one around was greatly surprised, and sensed that Falun Dafa was powerful. After they arrived at the temple, the elderly woman told every one whom she met that Falun Dafa is really good, and she clarified the truth together with the practitioners. They attracted the attention of over a hundred people; even the monks that were doing chores in the temple also stopped and came to listen. Every body then knew that all the propaganda about Falun Gong on TV was fabricated lies to deceive the public.

Oversea Chinese: As Long As It Is Good, I Will Learn, Even If It Is Banned!

There is a Chinese friend living near me. Not long ago she told me she had just come out of the hospital. She had come down with some kind of strange illness: she felt a vague abdominal pain no matter what she ate. The hospital suspected that she might have cholecystitis, and was getting ready to operate on her. However, repeated ultrasonic examinations did not show cholecystitis. She had to be investigated further for other causes. The doctors did not know where to begin, and dared not commence definitive treatment. When her pain came, they had to give her analgesic infusion. The relief was temporary, and the pain would return. There was a festival two days ago, and the doctors and nurses in the hospital went home to celebrate. So she discharged herself from the hospital. She had not eaten anything for several days, and dared not eat anything or take any medicine, nor did she know what kind of medicine to take. Finally, she said: "Why don't I learn Falun Gong with you! Since Qigong can cure illnesses without the side effects.

In the ensuing two days, her abdominal pain got much worse inexplicably and she couldn't practice. When her pain settled down, I went to her house. Her daughter was leaving when I arrived. Her daughter said to me as soon as she learned that I came to teach Falun Gong: "Aunty, please don't start yet. I also want to learn. I will come right back after my errands. Please wait for me!"

The mother and daughter took it seriously and learned fast, quickly mastering several sets of the moving exercises. In no time, their palms radiated heat. They asked me to teach them the sitting exercise during the summer vacation.

I said: "OK, you can learn anytime outside China as there is nobody to forbid you." My friend said in a somber tone: "I am the kind of person that as long as it is good, I will learn even if it is prohibited!"

Finally, we decided that I would bring my daughter and come to her house during the summer vacation to practice the exercises together.

In the last four years, no matter how the Jiang faction smeared and slandered Falun Gong inside and outside China, they could not achieve their objective to annihilate Falun Gong. My Chinese neighbor approached Falun Gong of her own accord when the hospital and conventional medicine failed her, even under the constant barrage of Jiang's slander. Can lies and slander scare people away? Gold will always display a radiance that no amount of sand can cover.