Around 8 p.m. on April 12, 2002, thirteen Falun Dafa practitioners who were having a group study at Mr. Zhang Yalin's home in Dongshan Village, Liucheng Township, were abducted. Three-dozen policemen from Chaoyang County Public Security Bureau came in three police vehicles and surrounded the house. They kicked and punched the practitioners, and handcuffed them as they were rounded up.

At the Chaoyang County Police Bureau the practitioners were brutally beaten and tortured with pool cues and electric batons as well as being kicked and punched by the police officers. Mr. Sun Zhengsheng's lips were mangled and Mr. Wang Jianzhong was left with two black eyes. All practitioners were held at the county's detention center.

During their detention, Mr. Sun Zhengsheng, Mr. Zhang Yalin, Mr. Wang Jianzhong, Mr. Wang Liyang, and Mr. Wang Liping exposed the facts that the local police used the case of Dong Li, who allegedly killed his wife and hurt his daughter, to frame Falun Gong. Dong Li admitted that he was not a Falun Gong practitioner when the practitioners talked to him. An inmate held at the detention center disclosed that Dong Li was arrested in 2001 and at that time, police officer He Naifeng beat him for a day and a night to force him into defaming Falun Dafa.

Practitioners were beaten on numerous occasions for continuing to study and practice. The police used electric batons and leather whips to beat them. Mr. Zhang Yalin was whipped until his buttocks were covered with bruises; blisters were found on his body caused by the electric shocks. Some of his ribs were fractured from the kicks he endured. He had difficulty breathing, could only lie on his back and could not turn over. Zhang Yalin requested medical treatment several times but was ignored. The bodies of Sun Zhengsheng, Wang Liyang, and Wang Liping were covered with bruises and blisters. Zhang Yalin, Sun Zhengsheg, and Wang Jianzhong were thrown into criminal's cells by police officer Hao Naifeng for continuing to study and practice. Their legs were shackled and they were beaten day and night. They were not allowed to sleep. Mr. Sun Zhengsheng went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution and was force-fed many times. Ten days later, when Mr. Zhang Yalin, Mr. Sun Zhengsheng, and Mr. Wang Jianzhong were sent back to their cell, they were covered with bruises and cuts. Mr. Sun Zhengsheng was all skin and bones and his spine was injured. He also had a lump the size of a rice bowl on his inner thigh. Wang Jianzhong's spine was injured, and he was also losing his hearing in his right ear. Mr. Wang Liping was tied to a chair and beaten with leather straps and electric batons for two hours to force him to disclose information about the location of truth clarification materials. All these locations were ransacked, and the Dafa materials were taken away.

Ms. Chi Shuqin and Ms. Dong Guizheng were detained for 15 days and were only released after they were extorted 500 Yuan each [Translator's note: Yuan is Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan]. Ms. Song Jiulian, Ms. Xing Lianying, Ms. Zhang Shuhuan, Ms. Gao Guixia, Ms. Ma Xihua, and Ms. Jia Sucai were sent to the brainwashing center run by the county police. They were held there for two months until they were released for 5,000 Yuan. Wang Liyang was sentenced to 6 years after being jailed for seven months. Wang Liping was sentenced to 7 years and is being held at a prison in Shenyang City. Mr. Zhang Yaling was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and is being held at Shenyang No.4 Prison. Sun Zhengsheng was sentenced to three years after 8 months in a forced labor camp. He is being held at Xidayingzi Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Li Guixia of Yangshuwan Township, Chaoyang County is a committed practitioner. Her husband Gao Aijun was arrested and taken into custody twice by the county police and brutally beaten by officer Hao Naifeng. He was held for three days and extorted 2,000 Yuan before he was released. Li Guixia was arrested in 2001 and jailed for 4 months for printing Dafa materials. She was only released after she paid 5,000 Yuan. Then she was kept under surveillance. On August 16, 2002, she was again detained. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution and was force- fed by officer Hao Naifeng. Three months later, she was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by the County Court. (Her whereabouts are currently unknown.)

Mr. Chen Doulin of Liujiazi Township, Chaoyang County, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for distributing Falun Dafa materials

Mr. Ni Junhua of Dongsheng Township, Chaoyang County was jailed in the County Detention Center where he endured torture and abuse for going to Beijing to validate Dafa. While there he was beaten unconscious by police officer Hao Naifeng. After three months of this abuse, Mr. Ni Junhua was all skin and bones. He was then sent to Xidayingzi Forced Labor Camp for three years. After he went on a hunger strike for 11 days, he was released, because he was close to dying. As soon as he started telling people the facts of his persecution, he was again sent to the County Public Security Bureau. He was later sent for further persecution at Xidayingzi Forced Labor Camp.