Because she refused to give up her cultivation in Falun Dafa, Ms. Xu Meiqing was imprisoned in the Female Forced Labor Camp in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia. In the summer of 2001, Xu Meiqing's elderly parents took Meiqing's son to visit her. Her parents' faces were full of tears when they saw her. Being a young child, Meiqing's son kept running and jumping on the stairway, up and down, without knowing his mother's situation. Meiqing's parents cried and said: "The child is not easy to take care of. He does not study hard. We are too old. What can we do if he is sick?" Xu Meiqing went forward and hugged her son. Her tears streamed down. Just because of her steadfast belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," Meiqing was imprisoned, suffered from torture, and was unable to take care of her elderly parents and young active child. Whose fault was it that her family experienced such persecution and hardship?

After Xu Meiqing's parents left, prison guard Guo Xiangzhi handcuffed her for more than 10 days. Later, she was handcuffed and moved to a single cell where no other people could see her. The handcuffs used on her were small in size. Sometimes she was hung up by the handcuffs such that only the tips of her toes could reach ground. And sometimes the handcuffs were shackled at very low position, so she could neither squat nor stand up. She endured all this under the most uncomfortable postures. Since the day she was handcuffed, the handcuffs were never unlocked. Prison guards had people watch her all day and all night. She was unable to sleep, and furthermore was not allowed to sleep. Like this, she had no freedom at all, and endured intense pain from being unable to move her body for more than 10 days. According to people who knew the situation, prison guard Guo Xiangzhi even walked toward Xu Meiqing and scoffed, "You smell really bad."

People who watched her said, "Of the three daily meals, she sometimes ate only one meal each day, sometimes two, but she only ate very little for each meal. Sometimes she did not eat or drink for an entire day." Just like this, she endured brutal suffering for more than 10 days. When she was released from the single cell and had her handcuffs removed, Xu Meiqing, already a thin person, had lost a lot of weight.

One time when Xu Meiqing was studying Fa and reciting Dafa teachings, she was discovered by prisoner Yang Yongqing, who immediately reported her to the prison guard Zhang Hong, who was on duty. Zhang Hong called Xu Meiqing in and cruelly shocked her neck using an electric baton. Some people saw Xu Meiqing writhing and turning around while being shocked. After she returned, everyone asked her in a caring manner: "How are you?" Xu Meiquing did not say anything. Her neck was red and burned. One time Xu Meiqing had been handcuffed for several days. Some people said the reason for the torture was because she helped a person study the Fa, and she clarified facts about Falun Dafa.

The prison guards used many ways to torture the good people in Hohhot Female Forced Labor Camp.