(Clearwisdom.net) The prison police officer didn't allow steadfast Falun Dafa practitioner He Hua (pseudonym) to go to sleep for quite a long time in the Number Three Team of Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was locked in a dark room (the window of the door was covered with a thick layer of newspapers) and cruelly tortured by a collaborator [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] and a drug-addict. At noon one day, a scream suddenly came from the dark room when the collaborator Zhang kicked He Hua's ribs of so hard that she couldn't bear it. The sudden scream scared a weak practitioner, Ms. Qi, such that she had a mental breakdown and had to be taken to the hospital. The prison police officer asked He Hua's mother to pay for Ms. Qi's hospitalization (the prison police Jiao Xuexian announced the result in the meeting) instead of punishing the beater (Zhang was transferred outside to assist the police in the afternoon of that same day).

The policemen in the Number Three Team often take the Falun Dafa practitioners to the Tuanju Building in the forced labor camp to torture them via inhuman ways. The prison police officers Jiao Xuexian, Huo (last name) and Huai (last name) asked the drug-users and the collaborators to torture Dafa practitioners. Not only did they stand by and watch, they also laughed loudly and spoke profanely. They forced Dafa practitioners to run around the drill ground for a very long time. They also didn't allow the practitioners to go to sleep for a long period and forced them to stand or crouch for a long time, etc. Jiao Xuexian shamelessly said "that isn't punishment to them. It just makes their bodies overly tired so that their brains get plenty rest without daydreaming." After Dafa practitioner Wang Yuhua's leg was broken due to a beating in the Tuanju Building, the prison police transferred her to the hospital in an attempt to cover up their violence. Later, they took her to the camp training center in the Women's Forced Camp to continue torturing her. The prison policemen involved in the outrageous acts against the practitioners in the Tuanju Building include Yang Jie, Du Jingbin, and Gao Yanfei.

The drug-user Huang Ping savagely beat Dafa practitioners under orders of the prison police. In the face of protests by the practitioners against the violence, the prison official Jiao Xuexian said in an official prison meeting that he would send Huang Ping to camp training for a month. Meanwhile, some practitioners mentioned that the punishments were too easy for Huang Ping and were unfair for the practitioners who had been savagely beaten by him. The practitioners also asked that Huang Ping apologize in writing and be punished more seriously. Jiao Xuexian disagreed with them and hurriedly took Huang Ping away. Several days later, Huang Ping was seen in the Number Six Team (drug-user team). He never went to the camp training. Apparently, it was all a fraud perpetrated by Jiao Xuexian.

Although the practitioners being illegally held were persecuted physically and mentally by the prison police in various ways in the Number Three Team, when the higher authorities came to check up on the prison police's work, they attempted a cover-up. They threatened and kept watch on the Dafa practitioners to ensure that the investigation reports contained words and phrases like "good," "civilization enforcing the law," "no corporal punishment" etc. Despite the attempted cover up, news of the criminal torturing of the practitioners is continuously exposed to the public.