June 10, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) On June 7th, 2003, Falun Gong practitioners in Northern California held a large-scale rally and parade in San Francisco to support the global lawsuits against Jiang, and to appeal for the urgent rescue of Charles Li. Many signatures were collected in support of the lawsuit against Jiang.

As practitioners marched through San Francisco's Chinatown, crowds of people stopped to watch. Flyers were requested even before we began giving them out. An employee in a camera shop greeted me in Chinese, "How are you?" I handed a flyer to him. He pointed to the pictures of Charles Li and shouted out,, "He is a hero. We should all support him." Hearing this, other employees came over and asked what happened. He explained, "He told truth in China. Now he is jailed in China." This man was quick to sign the petition.