June 13, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) In July 2001 in a village outside of Nandun Town, Henan Province, resident Liu Zhixin's two sons came back home for a vacation. The younger son had a very strong personality and was unable to get along well with the eldest son. The eldest son had hatred toward the younger son. Early one morning, when it was still dark, the eldest son maliciously took an axe to his younger brother's head, killing him after several blows.

Liu Zhixin reported the murder case to local police station of Nandun Town. Police said: "This is a serious case. It must be reported to the police team of the city". Liu Zhixin then hurried up and reported the case to police team of the city. Several police immediately followed Liu Zhixin to the scene. After looking at the scene a police officer asked: "Did your eldest son practice Falun Gong?" Liu Zhixin replied: "My eldest son has never practiced any Qigong". The police said: "Just claim that he did practice, otherwise we won't take care of your family's case". Liu Zhixin said: "Regardless of whether you take care of it or not, I just cannot tell lies to mislead people". But in order to deceive people and slander Falun Gong, police still spread the lie that "Liu Zhixin's eldest son became psychotic and killed people because of practicing Falun Gong"