May 31, 2003


June 1, 2003 Report: Police from the Donggang City Police Department and its branches recently arrested practitioners using several tactics, for example, monitoring, ambushing, patrolling and informants. From the middle to the end of May, about twenty practitioners were arrested and detained and their homes were confiscated.

  1. Ms. Wang Meihua, Ms. Man Yongyu, Ms. Pan Wende and two brothers with the last name Pan, a total of five practitioners from the Dadong Administration District, were illegally abducted and their homes were searched.
  2. While handing out truth-clarification materials in residential buildings, Ms. Li Jizhen from Gushan Town was reported to the police and later arrested. Also, her home was searched.
  3. A practitioner with the last name Shi in Helong Town was followed and reported to the police when handing out truth-clarification materials in a rural area. He was later arrested and his home was searched.
  4. Four practitioners in Xiaodianzi Town were illegally abducted. They are Cao Wanmin, Cao Wanchuan, Ms. Sun Guiling and another practitioner whose name is not known. After they were abducted, Ms. Sun Guiling lost a tooth/teeth from the beatings. The police searched their homes and found over 100 copies of truth-clarification materials. The police also confiscated Dafa books.
  5. Ms. Li Xifeng and three other practitioners from Heigou Town whose names are not known were illegally abducted and their homes were searched.
  6. Ms. Xu Jing from Anmin Town was illegally abducted and her home was searched.
  7. A practitioner from Chang'an Town (name unknown) was illegally abducted after being reported to the police. His/Her home was searched.

Currently, all those Dafa practitioners are detained in the Donggang City Detention Center.