On April 21, 2003, a class watching Master Li's Falun Dafa lecture video tapes started at a practitioner's home somewhere in Hebei Province. More than 10 practitioners attended class. Everybody cherished this rare opportunity and watched very earnestly. They also used the precious time between lectures to share thoughts and experience, thus enhancing everybody's understanding of Falun Dafa. With the hard work of the local Falun Dafa practitioners, the ten day class was concluded smoothly on April 30.

Among attendees in the class were retirees over 60 year old, elementary school students of a little over ten years old, plus some practitioners who were just back to practicing Falun Dafa for a few days after giving up for several years. While listening to Master Li's lectures, practitioners were deeply moved. Many practitioners said: "We haven't heard Master Li's voice for so many years. How kind and great this is!" One practitioner's mother was over 60 years old and was once treated in hospital for seven days and seven nights because of encephalorrhagia. She listened to Master's lectures for the first time as a new practitioner. The first day she came in by sitting on the bicycle pushed by her son-in-law and held by her daughter at the back. After a few days she came in by walking slowly, with her son-in-law and her daughter holding her arms. On the last day of the lecture she entered the door all by herself. She also talked a lot that day, while she was not able to speak clearly at all before. There was another practitioner over 50 years old who gave up cultivation after July 20, 1999 fearing the persecution. This time as soon as she listened to Master's lectures, she started to cultivate very diligently, practicing and studying Falun Dafa persistently every day. One nice thing was that her husband also started practicing under her influence. More over, her period came again after about three to four years of being in menopause. The huge change in such short time fully validated Falun Dafa's greatness and formidable might and Master's incomparable compassion. Everybody felt all this and was both happy and moved. No matter new or old practitioners, everybody was covered by Master's vast Buddha graciousness.

In those ten days, every evening at ten o'clock after finishing watching a lecture, all practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts. While eliminating local evil, they also supported overseas practitioners' lawsuit in USA against Jiang. Together with Falun Dafa practitioners all over the world, they supported the lawsuit and wished it smooth and successful accomplishment.

Everybody immensely treasured the time before or after the lectures every day, and fully used the time to share thoughts and experience. Some came as early as possible. Some had to leave but didn't want to, and stayed as long as possible. Some practitioners who went out to validate Falun Dafa these past years shared experience with others. Some shared experiences about recognizing the old force's evil arrangement, removing interference, and using righteous thoughts and righteous actions to accomplish three things [studying Fa, clarifying truth of Falun Dafa, sending forth righteous thoughts]. Some shared thoughts regarding coordination of activities as a whole body, how to help each other, as well as removing selfishness, and using more compassion to save sentinent beings. This experience sharing inspired and encouraged those practitioners who had not worked very hard and had shared little with others for the past years. Each time after experience sharing, many practitioners still did not want to leave.

One night after finishing watching a lecture, some practitioners brought some Falun Dafa truth flyers and materials with sticky glue. Everybody hurried to take some materials. Quite a few practitioners picked up materials for the very first time, and distributed it or posted it on their way back, all finished the same night. The compassionate righteous thoughts overcame fear and selfishness. The successful distribution of truth clarification materials let some practitioners who had not worked hard before feel that they had returned back to the whole body of practitioners, and followed the Fa rectification process once again. They got rid of thoughts like "I did not work hard before. Master Li must have given up taking care of me," and built righteous thoughts by making decisions to firmly cultivate and immediately work hard.

There were many practitioners who knew Master's lecture video tapes were being played but were unable to come to watch for various reasons. Nevertheless, they all sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any evil factors that may interfere, and to make sure the activities were successful. An old practitioner said, "Though I am unable to go, I send forth righteout thoughts at each designated time every night at home in order to make sure there are no problems."

During class practitioners' attitudes were very good. The smoothness of this activity greatly inspired Falun Dafa practitioners in the local and surrounding areas.

Original article date:á5/10/2003