(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Li Zhongmin from Dalian City, male, 31, was illegally arrested by the Dalian City Police Department on January 12, 2002. He was shackled on the hands and feet, and held in the No. 7 cell, Yaojia Detention Center, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. He was tortured while in detention, and this was reported earlier on Clearwisdom. Later he was secretly and illegally sentenced to 15 years in jail. He was transferred to Dabei Prison in Shenyang City and subjected to constant torture until his death on March 4, 2003. When he died, some witnesses saw numerous wounds on his body, with bloodstains at back of his head and a big area of bruises on his inner thighs. There were many red marks on his back, and his eye sockets were deeply sunken.

The police department had all along regarded him as a "key person," and several police units had asked their higher levels to record their "achievements" for his arrest. The higher authorities they had petitioned included Dalian City Police Department, Jinzhou District Police Department, Wafangdian Police Department, Pulandian Police Department and others. After being arrested, Li Zhongmin refused to cooperate with the police's demands. Over the course of more than one year of detention, he maintained hunger strikes to protest the illegal arrest and persecution. He suffered horrendous abuse and mistreatment, and as a result, at the age of 31, he looked like an old man.

Zhongmin's brother, Li Zhongke, also a Falun Gong practitioner, is being held and abused in Dalian City Labor Camp. Hearing of Li Zhongmin's death, his maternal grandmother passed away not long after as a result of extreme sorrow.

We call on all Dafa practitioners in Dalian City, as well as police officers who have a sense of justice, to report the details of what happened to Li Zhongmin and those responsible for his death, so that they can be brought to justice.

Li Zhongmin's Address: Lijia Tun #64, Tangtun Village, Wanjialing Town, Wafangdian City, Liaoning Province

The unit responsible for his death: No. 4 Prison of Dabei Prison, Shenyang City: 86-24-88705153

Shenyang City, Liaoning Province:

Liaoning Province Prison Management Bureau: 86-24-86906699

Shenyang City Sub-bureau of Liaoning Province Prison Management Bureau: 86-24-88095757

Shenyang City Prison Management Bureau: 86-24-22854585

Dabei Prison is located in the northeast corner of Shenyang City. It is a complex consisting of several provincial prisons; among them are the provincial female prison, and the No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 Prisons for Shenyang City. The No. 2 Prison is the most notorious one, as many arrested Dafa practitioners in Liaoning Province are detained there.

Dabei Prison - the No. 2 Prison hotline: 86-24-88905236

Sun Hui, Deputy Chief of the No. 2 Prison, Dabei Prison

Li Jianguo, Chief of Division 5, the No. 2 Prison, Phone number: 86-24-88092474 (O) 86-24-23217856 (H), 86-13940399208 (cell)
No. 2 Prison Address: No. 1 Xinsheng Street, Dadong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, post code: 110044

Division 12 in No. 2 Prison of Dabei Prison (this is where most of practitioners are detained): 86-24-88092474
Other police include: political chief Li Xiangdong, guards Li Zheng, Wang Shihai, Zhang Lei, and guards Zhou, Tong, Gao and Zhang

Female Prison of Liaoning Province, phone number: 86-24-88905055

Head of Education Section: Guo Naijuan