March 20, 2003

( During the calamity started by Jiang's regime that persecutes good people, I was also brutally tortured. The following is my testimony to some of the brutal means used by the policemen to torture Dafa practitioners.

In the beginning of 2000, I was kidnapped by the authorities and taken to the Xinle County Police Department. The policemen there beat me violently before they asked me any questions. That winter was especially cold. In the cold of January, they forced me to take off my coat and woolen sweater, and then beat and kicked me. They forced me to lie flat on my stomach on the ground. One of them pulled my hair up forcefully and another one pushed a rod under my body to lift me up forcefully; others beat me so badly that I bled through my mouth. After the beating, they poured cold water on my face. Seeing that I still had blood on my face, they forced me to go to a washroom to wash it off. After that they cuffed me to a tree in the yard of the police department to freeze me until it was dark, then they sent me to the detention center.

The second day in the detention center, the guards forced Dafa practitioners to lie flat on their stomachs on the ground in the yard. It was very cold, with a chilly wind blowing from the north. The male practitioners were allowed to wear only their underwear and the female practitioners were allowed to wear only their panties and bras. The Dafa practitioners were forced to lie on their stomachs on the ground, with their heads up and with their arms and legs stretched out. They were not allowed to speak. After a long period of time, the policemen poured cold water on their bodies. In such a cold winter, the brutal torture imposed on Dafa practitioners was impossible for people to imagine.

Those vicious people had no humanity at all; they even didn't think twice of torturing me -- an elderly lady. The evil policemen cruelly forced me to take off my clothes until I only had on my underwear and a shirt. They also forced me to lie on my stomach on a pile of snow in the yard, and they then piled ice on my body and poured cold water on my body from my head to my toes. I did not know how much cold water they poured on me. The weather was extremely cold; those policemen were wearing cotton-padded overcoats, cotton padded hats and cotton padded boots; but they tortured Dafa practitioners with such brutal means. They had no any humanity left in them. Our bodies, frozen and soaked with cold water, lost any ability to retain warmth and fend off the chilly wind. Such a cruel torture!

After pouring water on my body, the policemen forced me to stand in the yard and they started to beat me. They took turns beating me and I was beaten so severely I saw flashes of light and became so dizzy that I could not stand still, and bled from my mouth. My face swelled because of the beating and it took a long time to heal. They also threatened me that they would strip all my clothes off and lock me into a male cell, and that they would order the prisoners to force human excrement into my mouth! I was detained at that detention center for over a month. Every day they gave me six small buns, porridge in the morning and evening, and soup (some vegetables boiled in plain water) for lunch. But when I left the detention center, they extorted about 1,000 Yuan from me for food expenses.

Phone numbers of responsible parties (add country and area code 86-311 before dialing the numbers):

The switchboard of Xinle County Police Department, 8581925
The department head's office, 8581049, or 8581925 ext.7235
The political commissar's office, 8582636, or 8581925 ext.7234
The deputy department head's office, 8580529, 8580531, 8580530 and 8580960
The deputy political commissar's office, 8652039, or 8581925, ext.7210

The secretary of the Discipline Inspection, 8581925 ext.7238

The chief superintendent's office, 8581925 ext.7248

The political security division head's office, 8581925 ext.7229

Xinle County Detention Center, 8670015

The office of Xinle County Political and Legal Committee, 8581262

The secretary office of the Political and Legal Committee, 8585946