In northeast China, in a family of four who all practice Falun Dafa, the younger son has a 23 year-old girlfriend. After getting to know the family, the girlfriend changed in both mind and body. She began practicing Falun Dafa less than a year ago and takes the initiative to do what she should do, as she comes to better understand the principles of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.

Once she went to some nearby villages to clarify the truth with some fellow practitioners. She was arrested and taken to the county police station. The police handcuffed her and took her to a room on the fourth floor, locking the door behind them as they went off to eat. She thought, "I must escape." Looking at her cuffed hands, she thought, "Master, please help me. Strengthen me; I want to escape." Suddenly, the cuff unlocked itself. But the door was still locked. How could she escape? She broke the window with a block of wood, and then climbed out the window onto the roofs of nearby houses, but she had no ladder to get down. She saw a metal chimney, so she held the chimney with both of her hands, closed her eyes, and thought in her heart, "Master, please protect me, and strengthen me!" She fell very lightly and landed standing upright on the ground. It was very dark and she could not see a thing. Suddenly she heard the police shout, "Someone has escaped -- chase her!" She fell into a big dirt hole. When she got up onto her feet, the police had already gone away. Then she left, covered with ashes and dirt. When she knocked on a fellow practitioner's door, he was surprised -- it was hard to recognize her because she was covered with ashes and dirt. The next day, she changed clothes, and traveled to other towns to join the Fa-rectification efforts again.