I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and because I revealed suspicious points about the staged "Self-Immolation Incident" at Tiananmen Square I was illegally detained at a forced labor camp for two years. During my detention at Tumuji Forced Labor Camp I witnessed the persecution of Dafa practitioners.

On May 18, 2002, during the forced brainwashing period of internment, prison guard Ren Guijuan and three other female prison guards instigated two female criminals, Xu Xiujuan (convicted for theft) and Bao Xi (convicted for prostitution), to beat up Dafa practitioners.

Meng Hulun (female) was beaten so badly that she lost consciousness many times.

Mao Xiuqin (female) was deprived of sleep, hung from her handcuffed wrists, and police manipulated her hands to forcibly take her fingerprints. Afterwards, one of her fingernails was ripped off, and her term was extended for more than one year.

Li Xiaoqiu (female) was beaten to the point where her nose and mouth bled. The criminal inmates grabbed a dirty pair of underpants to stuff into her mouth, and they quickly became saturated with her blood.

Wang Suqin's (female) pants were forcibly removed; several female prison guards (Ren Guijuan, Mo Ailing, Li Yuehua, and a team leader by the surname of Zhou) beat her private parts and shocked them with electric batons. Many types of cruel torture were performed there; so inhuman that no one could bear to watch.

The local residences exclaimed, "What the local police have done!"