(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners view things according to Fa principles rather than their emotions.

An ordinary person does things based on his emotions, so there is love as well as hatred. When he considers someone to be a person good, he will like that person. When his viewpoint does not agree with someone else's, he will dislike that person. An ordinary person will even take their friends or relatives as his enemies just for a minor disagreement or point of view. This is the limitation of the human emotions for emotions are selfish. Love and hatred have the same root. Love is the happiness when one's emotions are satisfied, while hatred is the anger when one's emotions are not satisfied. So both love and hatred do not aim for the wellbeing of others. They are for satisfying one's emotions, so both are selfish.

When one views things according to Fa principles, one will not judge a person or matter according to his own likes and dislikes, instead he uses Fa principles to judge right or wrong. Only in this way can one truly treat others benevolently. A person is simply supposed to be righteous and kind, regardless of his relationship with others; in this way, he can be able to always treat others kindly and always act benevolently. Our Dafa practitioners should treat others even more kindly and be good to others no matter whether other people conform to our own idea or standard. Only when one views things according to Fa principles can one be truly good to others unconditionally. When one views things according to one's emotions, he will not be able to be truly good to others for one does it that way because he is happy. If he does not feel happy, he will not do it. So doing things based on one's emotions has preconditions. Because of this, cultivation requires one to give up human emotions and to restrict oneself according to Fa principles, so as to be truly good to others.

During clarifying the facts about the persecution, emotions can be a major stumbling block. When we hear other's viewpoints or suggestions, we often do not consider whether these suggestions comply with Fa principles, but instead we look to see if they comply with our own human notions. This is one reason why there is disharmony in cooperation among practitioners. When one piece of Dafa material is finished, we do not pay attention to whether others can understand it, instead we emphasize how we can show ourselves off and pursue the happy feeling of speaking out; thus the article cannot move the readers' hearts.

On the path of Fa-rectification, there exists no loopholes in one's cultivation if one can always views things according to Fa principles and do things objectively and by strictly following Fa, since what we follow is the principle of the cosmos. The things that comply with the principle of the cosmos are the things that can essentially exist in the cosmos, as well as the things that all beings can acknowledge. What can prevent us from viewing things according to Fa are usually human emotions.

Abandon emotions and view things according to the Fa. While one is diligently learning the Fa and cultivating oneself, one will be constantly enlightened to high-level Fa principles, which can then be used to guide one's future actions. If we can keep having new understandings while continuing to do Dafa projects, we are actually walking steadily toward Fa-rectification in the human world. Our own attainment of Consummation is also within the process.

This is just my personal and limited understanding.

April 15, 2003