Falun Dafa participated in the Human Rights Week at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Friday April 11th through Sunday April 13th we displayed the "Journey of Falun Dafa" photo exhibition. Besides the photos we offered many ways for people visiting the exhibition to help end the persecution in China. Offered were two homemade cards to sign, one for Charles Li and another for Chen's mother, Jingjiang Chen, part of the family rescue. We also prepared petitions to sign as well as postcards to mail in. We collected many signatures and many people expressed their deep concern about this horrible persecution and wanted to know how to get even more involved. We then offered government officials' contact information.

Practitioners demonstrated the exercises and the video "Pure Heart Clear Mind" was also shown. The great hall filled with the music of "In Memory of the Tang Dynasty". One of the practitioners sang a song that moved some listeners to tears.

On Friday noon we held a press conference and talked to the audience about how Dafa began up to the present. Amnesty International also gave a speech about the increasing amount of human rights abuses against Dafa practitioners in China, and how this is one of the most serious
incidents in global history. A UWM news reporter also covered the event.

This event has let us know that many more people are in tune to what is happing in China with Falun Dafa. Just a few months ago, when we held a similar event, not so many people were willing to sign or commit to helping. Now all people are horrified by the vicious acts of the communist party and really want to help from their hearts.