Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Shumin was kidnapped and sent to the Baoqiao Labor Camp in 2001. She was detained in Team Five. In mid-January 2003, the police at the labor camp forced practitioners to work overtime. Practitioners went on a work strike to protest against the illegal persecution. The police then resorted to violence attempting to get practitioners back to work. Headed by a policeman named Kou, the police beat up and shocked every practitioner with high-voltage electric batons. Many practitioners were severely injured. Ms. Li Shumin died on the spot. In order to cover up their crimes, the police lied saying that Ms. Li died of a sudden heart disease and even hypocritically held a funeral for her. Furthermore, they did not allow her family members to examine her body.

Banqiao Labor Camp
Post code: 300270
Phone: 86-22-63251823 (reception), 86-22-63251619 (office), 86-22-63251069 (administration section)

"610 Office" in Dagang, Tianjin
Directors: Zhou Xuanping, Liu Hengqi (his cell is 86-13802043848)
Vice directors: Li Quanxin: 86-22-63390890 (office), 86-13920299105 (cell)

Police Department in Tianjin City
Phone: 86-22-23353922
Director of security section: Yao Jiawang
Vice Directors of security section: Wang Dashui
Phone of security section: 86-22-23353922 ext 21950

Dagang Police Station
Phone: 86-22-62093011
Vice Director: Fei XX