(Clearwisdom.net) At a special seminar entitled "Various Aspects of Fate" that was held at the Taiwan School of Law Enforcement on March 27, the guest speaker talked about some concepts of cultivation. For example, some of the things discussed were how the human's primordial spirit does not become extinct, how karma and De are produced and the relationship between the two, the differences between a cultivator and the average person in life and in personal values, reincarnation and returning to the true self.

This seminar was another important activity to spread Dafa in law enforcement, much like last year's continuing education for the schoolteachers offered by Falun Gong clubs. Judging from the questions raised after the speech, as well as attendants' active acquiring of Falun Gong information, the seminar was very successful. Deep in their hearts people are all yearning for the true meaning of life.