I thought there were some very good thoughts shared last night on what loopholes we may have opened to allow the interference that unfolded over the last few days to occur.

However, I had a slightly uncomfortable feeling towards the end of the call. It seems we decided as a group that we didn't really do anything wrong and that we should merely "get up" and keep going. I'm not so sure about either of these conclusions. In terms of doing something wrong, I think there are still some significant omissions amongst us regarding the TV broadcast issue.

From my understanding, everything that happens in human society (especially in our Dafa clarification work) is a reflection of ourselves. If we walk our path righteously, the evil has no loophole to get in and disrupt things. If something doesn't go right, yes it is old forces' interference, but how did the old forces have the opportunity to interfere in the first place? Didn't our loophole give them the chance? Denying the old force arrangement, for me, does not mean don't examine loopholes in ourselves when old force takes advantage. Based on this understanding, I think there is a significant issue at heart for us to dig out.

In terms of "getting up" and not just "lying there" when we stumble, what is the meaning of this "getting up?" Does it mean to just keep doing things? I don't think so. I think it means truly rectifying the problem and moving beyond it in our hearts. I am concerned that if we take the mentality of just "keep going" without taking a close look at what loopholes allowed these difficulties to surface, we are in fact -- from a cultivation stand-point -- "just lying there" after stumbling, and indeed, not getting up. We may be busy with many things while lying there, but we're still lying there. The loss can't be automatically remedied.

In myself, I find a disturbing inability to evaluate matters based on Fa. If I think of or hear about some "clever" wording/angle, I will too often adopt this into my thinking without first evaluating it based on Fa. If some veteran practitioners tell me that "we should do it this way," I will too often do it that way without first evaluating that "way" based on Fa. This kind of spirit of cooperation is certainly good, but it's not all. Far too often I am busy using my wisdom this way and that way without enough sober-minded reflection and study of exactly what Master has asked us to do, and righteous path He has clearly indicated we must walk.

In essence, I think for me, these recent events are a wake-up call to seriously evaluate my study, my practice, my diligence in terms of how well-aligned it is with the Fa Master has taught, and walk my path right.