On Dafa web sites, there are articles that call on everyone to send forth righteous thoughts together in order to help practitioners get out of vicious places where they are being persecuted. I have a different understanding on this.

Those vicious places are evil places in the human world where evil persecutes Dafa disciples. Teacher does not acknowledge them. These vicious places should not exist at all, and they should be completely eliminated.

If Dafa disciples send forth righteous thoughts only to help persecuted practitioners get out of the vicious places, our divine power will be restrained. Plus, it leaves loopholes in our thoughts that old forces can take advantage of. By agreeing that the evil's existence is inevitable, we fail to completely oppose any arrangement made by the old forces.

Every Dafa disciple should send forth powerful righteous thoughts to completely eliminate all evil and all evil places persecuting Dafa disciples.

We have attachments of different kinds. However, by following Teacher and following the Fa, we will continuously look inward and get rid of the attachments. The evil is not qualified to "test" us, and the vicious places should not exist at all.