Shared at 2003 Western U.S. Falun Dafa Conference


Before cultivation, I used to be a person liking to "argue" with people, and would be convinced by nobody -- because of the heart of showing off, which can show that I am smart and know everything. Of course, at that time I did not realize it.

However, after I began my cultivation, during the truth clarification, I seldom argued with people. Of course, one of the reasons is that I suffered setbacks when clarifying the truth, because it is useless if you seem to have already persuaded them, but they are not truly convinced.

Later I found out, in fact, a lot of questions seemingly creating difficulties for us, including, the ordinary people think "you do not love China," "Master will not go back to China," "Why don't we show our supernatural capabilities," "It's none of my business," "You go everywhere talking about Falun Gong, which interfered the normal social order," so on and so forth...To understand them from the Fa, on one hand, the evil force makes use of ordinary people's bad notions to deceive them, but on the other hand, more importantly, ordinary people do not see Dafa's magnificence and grandeur, and they do not see that Dafa brings niceties to the human society, nor do they see Dafa Disciple's greatness.

I understand from this why we need to clarify the truth to such a full extent. We all know that when we are clarifying the truth, we will say a sentence to them, "Falun Dafa is Good". However, what we want people to know is not only this sentence alone. Not only do we want to convey to them Dafa is good, but also we want them to know why we say Dafa is good, and how good it is. That is to say, we need to clarify the truth, and we should not just "tell the truth." If we can clarify to people Dafa's magnificence and Dafa Disciples' greatness and benevolence, the ordinary people will be moved from their hearts, and will feel that we are really ex-ordinary. Then they will not have other questions: as long as we can clearly tell the truth of those major lies, such as Self-immolation, they will gain immunity against the propaganda, because they will judge things by their own conscience. They will feel too embarrassed to repeat those deceitful questions.

We always quote one sentence to describe the deceiving means by the evil people, "A lie becomes a truth after being repeated a thousand times", which was said by Hitler's Propaganda Minister. Actually today's evil force is much worse than Hitler's. They repeated and created one after another evil and faceless lies in order to make people hate us; and because of the strict blockade on information, the percentage of truth available to the people regarding the self-immolation might be only 1%. I understand that the evil arrangement by the old forces is, even if we clarified and exposed 99 lies, but still some people would believe the one lie left. Therefore I understand, in order to break through old force's arrangement, we need to "Clarify the truth comprehensively", and never fall into that snare.

When we are talking about persecution, we should let people see that good people are being persecuted. Not only should we let people know the cruelty and evilness of the persecution, but also we should let people see Dafa disciples' benevolence and greatness in the persecution. Teacher said,

"I'm not Jesus, and I'm not Sakyamuni, but the Fa has created millions and millions of Jesuses and Sakyamunis who have the courage to walk the path of Truth, who have the courage to risk their lives for the sake of the Truth, and who have the courage to devote their lives to saving sentient beings. (Long applause) Each of you Dafa disciples should truly recognize who you are and walk your path well. You really are that magnificent, so you have to rationally and seriously do well the things you're supposed to do today." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference -- July 22, 2002")

From the ordinary people's level, I understand, the greatness means great personality, including many virtues understood by ordinary people, such as, "Lay down one's life for a just cause", never give in to violence, never to be tempted by profits, and to be a upright and innocent person, etc. We should let people know that Dafa disciples are bearing sufferings for you, for this society, and for China. We are not complaining or charging anyone, but we are trying to eliminate enmity, disclose lies and clarify truth for your lives and consciences --- and all of that, Dafa disciples' noble personality of great benevolence and forbearance, come from the great Dafa, and come from the teachings of the same great Master. When we talk with benevolence, when people can feel our honesty, compassion and tolerance, when people's hearts are moved, all the deceits will collapse. After their righteous thoughts come out, the evil cannot control them anymore, and they can see things more rationally.

The first time that I came to this understanding was when I was trying to clarify the truth to a Western lady on July 20, 2001. After she understood the facts, she said, "It's horrifying if you try to practice Falun Gong in China. Can you see China's future? Now nobody will dare to practice publicly, right?" I replied, "Actually, people still do. And every day, some people will practice and appeal on the Tiananmen Square." She was shocked after hearing it, " Every day?" "Yes! Though every day, some people will be caught, be tortured, and even lose their lives, more and more people continue to step out. They know clearly what will await them -- they might lose everything, job, house, family and even their life, but they fear nothing. Because they know from their hearts what is the truth, and what is right and wrong; they are not for themselves, but for others, for China, and for their offspring and for the future. These Falun Gong practitioners are China's hope. They know the great strength of the inner peace, which cannot be defeated by violence..."

She was moved to tears and kept on wiping her face while listening to me. I continued to say, "During the two years of continuous unremitting nonviolent uncooperation, Falun Gong practitioners used no violence, and they only displayed to the people their benevolence and own actions, and truly accomplish things peacefully and practice their beliefs. In their hearts there are three words: Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance." She asked, "What? Could you repeat these three words again?" She was a little excited. I pointed out these three words from the flyer in her hand, and she nodded while reading them quietly.

In fact, on that day I was crying, but I endured not letting my tears flow. I was shocked by Dafa's greatness and Dafa disciples' greatness displayed when they were validating the Fa. Then later, when clarifying the truth, I paid much attention to displaying Dafa and Dafa disciples' magnificence on the level that the ordinary people can understand. A few months later, I went to attend the Raising the Flag ceremony of my university on October 1. During the truth clarification, the Chinese consulate manipulated a few students in the student union to mess up the email list, and said that we were making trouble on purpose, etc. Even members of the public who spoke out for us were assaulted. I thought, I had to tell the truth to you. I spent one day writing a long article, on the topic of "Loving the Nation", about the fact of the persecution, the greatness of Dafa disciples during the Fa validation, and professor Feng Lili's story of being put into jail during her trip back to China, sorrow for Chinese people's moral lacking and the reasons why Dafa disciples lay down their lives to call for conscience and justice. I sent it out in 3 emails to the email list. When I wrote the article, because I kept on searching for materials and included many disciples' articles and experience of truth clarification, gradually all the articles came together and I saw the whole picture of Dafa disciples' magnificent Fa rectification, I myself was also shocked. Ever since I graduated from high school, I had never written an article as long as this one. I created it with the excerpts from a lot of other disciples' articles, and even I did not realize that each part could be combined together holistically, consistently and logically. Fellow practitioners and I myself both felt it was well written and I know it was not my own level and capability -- It is the embodiment of Dafa's supernormal power.

After I sent out the article, I began to send forth righteous thoughts -- let each person read it carefully. It resulted that only those manipulated ones were still making noises, other people became quiet. Some people emailed me privately, "Well done."

Later, I emailed it to my university schoolmates and changed the topic as "An open letter to my classmates". One of my classmates was my friend, but he did not have any attitude towards Dafa, only thought I abused my email and interfered others by sending truth to others. But this time he replied, my email used to be filtered into his trash folder automatically, but was seen by him "accidentally" (of course, we know the reason). He said he admired Dafa disciples from his heart, and offered that if we needed any help, just let him know. I was moved by Dafa's power.

Later during truth clarification in Congressmens' offices, when faced with their assistants, after introducing Dafa, how good Dafa was, and why Dafa could be spread so fast and broadly, I disclosed the facts of the persecution, told them how Dafa disciples faced with tribulations, treated the evil test of life and death, and made a choice between conscience and lies, and why. All of them would listen to me very carefully, and some benevolent people would show the kindness in their hearts at that time.

Recently, when I clarified the truth on the Internet, a university graduate emailed me, saying that he already visited Dafa websites and still had a lot of questions. I only answered a couple major questions and introduced the concept of cultivation in Dafa and the reason why Dafa was not superstition, etc. He replied, "Now people are really lacking human empathy. I view Falun Gong as a breeze, waking up a lot of people-as if-because I am not sure how many people, Haha, even the government does not know it. But I feel you attack the Communist Party too much, and I am not comfortable with it."

In the reply letter, I affirmed his benevolence and encouraged him to read Zhuan Falun to get the answers. I did not answer directly the question about "attacking the Party". I sent my long article to him, and told him it's written by my friend. He replied, "I was moved into tears by this letter. I know what you told is right, especially that sentence, 'during the more than two years' crazy persecution, faced with unthinkable cruel torture, not a single Falun Gong practitioner revenge or use any kind of violence. In the adversity they keep their smile, even when faced with gale and snow.' I sighed with emotion and felt so sorry. Those numb Chinese actually are just like me. I felt I was just an observer, but I have learned that I am even an accomplice! As a Chinese, I hope every citizen can live happily and freely. I do not know what I can do. I still believe the Government will change its attitude towards you. History will prove it."

In my reply letter, I said, "Yes. 'History will prove it.' That's right. When people who know the truth, like you, me and he, can disclose all lies one by one, when we tell the truth to people, to our friends and relatives, classmates and coworkers, eliminated their hatred in their hearts by all those lies, when people's conscience wakes up, in fact we are now writing a brand new history, don't you think so?" A few days later, he wrote back that he was reading Zhuan Falun.

Another time, a person already knew the truth of the so-called self-immolation, but he wanted to further understand Dafa. By emailing, he knew that Dafa disciples are truly marvelous. Even though atheism still blocked him from coming to practice, he admired Dafa disciples. At last, he wrote a poem, emailed it to me and said it's written for us.

When Master Li spread the Dafa earlier, people obtained the Fa by word of mouth, and the number of people attaining the Fa was just like rolling a snowball - became bigger and bigger very rapidly. Some fellow practitioners already realized that when we clarified the truth, it's just the same. We need to let the truth flow actively among the sentient beings. I fell, in order to make it, we truly need to clarify the truth well. We need to let people know Dafa is good, Dafa disciples are magnificent, and then conscience will tell people they should initiatively spread the truth, and his clear-minded side will do this well and it won't be blocked. If people treat the truth as they do for those secret news or bamboo telegraph, it is quite possible that evil will find the leakage and stop the spreading chain. As disclosing evil, some just people in the society are also doing it, but they are different from us. We are disclosing the evil in order to clarify that Dafa is good, but not to overthrow any regime.

If we all consider things for the purpose of clarifying the truth: Letting people know Dafa is good, so as to save the sentient beings, then we can do much better in the future.

The above is my personal experience. Please point mistakes so that they can be corrected.