Shared at 2003 Western U.S. Falun Dafa Conference


"'The Buddha Fa' is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science. In order to explore this domain, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking. Otherwise, the truth of the universe will forever remain a mystery to humankind, and everyday people will forever crawl within the boundary delimited by their own ignorance."

(Zhuan Falun)

Since I started practicing Falun Dafa, it's become clear that the most wonderful, miraculous and consecrated feelings are beyond the description of human language.

Falun Gong moved my heart

As a Chinese immigrant I joined the American labor force after arriving in the United States. For the past ten years I worked during the day, and after work I took care of my children and family chores. I never cared about politics, religion or any of the social issues and events. Yet in the summer of 2000, this special moment that I shall forever cherish -- Falun Gong rocked my seemingly apathetic spirit.

One day my husband brought back some Chinese newspapers as usual after he went shopping in Chinatown. There was a Falun Gong pamphlet sandwiched inside the newspaper. I opened the pamphlet to see what was it all about and saw an article written by a Falun Gong practitioner working in Japan. He was a medical doctor who had received advanced education in both Chinese traditional and western medical science, with special emphasis on Qigong research. In his article he described Falun Gong's benefit and his own cultivation experience in detail. He stated that we should never be easily convinced, nor simply reject any new things or phenomenon. We must remove any interference and impediment to understanding, and probe, contemplate and validate, before we can make any conclusion. I was very impressed by this statement. I thought if someone with very advanced education and knowledge like him can still treat new things with such a realistic and down to earth attitude, then as an ordinary person, shouldn't I possess such an attitude all the more? Exactly what is Falun Gong? I definitely needed to investigate and find out more.

I located the contact information for the Las Vegas practice site and called them. The teaching assistant told me there would be class the next day, which as it happened was my day off. The next day my husband and I woke up early and went to the park to learn the exercise. Practitioners at the practicing site warmly introduced Falun Gong to us and taught us the exercises. I knew nothing about Qigong and never had any interest in it, but I could feel a warm current flowing in my body just after I started trying to learn the first set of exercises. How could I experience such powerful energy since all I did was stand there without moving, then slowly and firmly follow the eight movements with my hands. I was astonished! After I learned the first and second exercises, I joyfully went home with book Zhuan Falun.

I started reading it and took it to heart. I was totally engrossed by the genuine Fa of the universe described in the book Zhuan Falun. The language used in the book was easy to understand, but its profound implication touched the deepest part of the human spirit. Every part was covered and nothing was left out. I often compared my past against the book and examined every undertaking during that time. It seemed that the book addressed me specifically. I often felt so ashamed about my dirty thoughts and selfish acts. After I finished the first chapter, I thought, if each person must choose a belief then I would choose Falun Dafa. My thoughts changed after I read further. Where else could one find such marvelous Fa? I must cultivate in Falun Dafa. Because of my own karma I read slowly. It took me five months, including four weeks of vacation to finish Zhuan Falun. After I finished the last page of chapter 9, I saw in front of me a small golden white shinny wheel like object spinning fast. What was that? It disappeared after I tried to get a closer look by raising my head. Was it Falun or was it just an illusion? But I had never had such an illusion.

Both my husband and I worked in the evening. My older son was 13 years old and my younger son was barely 3 years old. There was no one else to help out in the family. It was quite difficult for us to take care of the children and family. After I learned all five sets of exercises I thought of just doing the exercises at home without having to go to the park early in the morning. But often I forgot to practice at home due to various chores at home. Even though I subconsciously recognized this, and with practicing time adjusted with one and a half hour late, I still did not join the group practice in the park due to my own lack of genuinely improve my Xinxing. One day in November 2000 I saw in the paper there would be a Falun Gong class held at the local library nearby, and the day of the class would be my day off. So I went to the class. At the class I saw a videotape of Teacher giving lectures and classes all over the world. I was deeply touched. I suddenly realized that I was not a "wise person" who practices diligently. I joined the group practice in the park the very next day. While I was doing the fifth exercise, I suddenly felt that my eyes were pulsating and felt like I was moving forward rapidly along a super highway. Following that I saw numerous lightning sparks. Finally I saw many colorful rings. I just could not describe my mental state at that time, other than feeling deeply moved. My tears flowed out uncontrollably and I experienced something that I had never had during my entire life. From that point on I steadfastly went to join the group practice every Sunday. I even brought my elder son Tom.

Tom's lost hair grew back, and he received presidential citation

My son Tom had a hair loss problem since he was only 3 years old. A patch of hair would fall out here and then a patch of hair would fall out there. Sometimes the size of the patch was larger than a ping-pong ball. I had sought both western and traditional Chinese medical treatment for Tom. He took quite a bit of medicine but there was no improvement. After a while even the doctors could not identify the root cause so they concluded that it was not a serious problem affecting Tom's health. Since we could not do much either we just ignored it. But a 13 year old boy started to care about such things and he often worried about his hair loss. Each day before he went to school he would attempt to cover the patch to prevent others from seeing it. Even though I could not do anything to help, whenever I saw him doing that I felt that I did not fulfill my duty as a mother. Yet a miracle took place after Tom practiced just a few weeks of Falun Gong. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all the places that lost hair had hair growing back, and they grew quite fast. Tom did not understand Chinese so I bought an English version of the Zhuan Falun for him to read.

I noticed that his school grades, his mannerism and courtesy had improved noticeably after he learned Falun Dafa. In addition to his homework, he had to take the role of a baby sitter. When my husband and I worked in the evenings, he needed to take care of his 3 year old little brother Jerry and help with the family chores. The two of them always had a good time together. After Tom graduated from junior high school (8th grade) he received a presidential citation, a citation with President Bush's own signature.

When the Jiang regime insanely persecuted Falun Gong, Amnesty International initiated a signature collection effort to appeal against the persecution. Tom also collected signatures from his teacher and other students. His action was warmly received and supported. Last year when the Neilson TV program rating survey was sent to our house inquiring our opinion of TV programs, Tom wrote on the survey, "We wish to have Falun Gong programs on TV."

After Tom graduated from the junior high school he went to the special high school -- Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas. Because of his excellent academic grades he started taking college courses during his freshman year in high school. All these are inseparable from Falun Dafa.

I am sincerely and wholeheartedly grateful to Teacher who brought such invaluable and precious Fa of the universe. Now I take Jerry with me to practice in the park so that he can receive Dafa's principles and benefit early on.