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Falun Dafa Information Center (Originally Reported in Chinese) March 10, 2003 -- According to latest news from Henan Province, on November 10, 2002, Henan Agricultural University alumnus, 29-year-old Falun Gong practitioner, Mr. Song Xu was abducted a fifth time by the local police officers. He suffered terrible tortures and his health is in a desperate condition. In early January 2003, he was sent to Jinshui Hospital for medical treatment. Around February 10, he was sent to an emergency room for rescue and he has been there for more than 20 days up to present. Overseas Falun Gong practitioners call for an urgent rescue of Song Xu.

It was reported that after Song Xu was abducted by the police on November 10, 2002, he went on hunger strike to protest. The jail guards of the First Detention Center of Zhengzhou City under the Jinshui Public Security Sub-Bureau of Zhengzhou City violently force-fed him for a number of times. As a consequence, the skin inside his mouth jabbed repeatedly, and his teeth were prized open so forcefully that they were loosened. In early January 2003, Song Xu was sent to Jinshui Hospital. However, the related authorities feared that the details would be disclosed and then transferred Song Xu to another sickroom the next day. No news was heard thereafter. Now it has been verified that Song Xu was sent to an emergency room around February 10. The authorities spare no effort to block the news. The current status is not clear.

The reporter called the Jinshui Hospital countless times. Two people from the internal medicine department said that Song was at the surgery department, while people from surgery department denied it a few times. According to insiders from the Jinshui Hospital, the hospital is not very large and has only one internal medicine and one surgery department. Patients will be sent to the surgery department if thef the internal medicine department can not hold them.

Song's family members are extremely worried. They said that they had not had any news about Song Xu for over three months. Being extremely concerned about Song, his mother became very ill. It was reported that the police officers once threatened: According to documented regulation from above, death due to hunger strike or force-feeding is considered as committing suicide.

On January 17, FDI reported details about the brutal persecution suffered by Song Xu:

In February 2001, after Song Xu was arrested a fourth time at the Zhengzhou railway station, he was wrongfully sentenced to two years of forced labor re-education. He was imprisoned in the Fifth Brigade of the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp in Zhengzhou. A deputy mayor of Zhengzhou said, "We must transform Song Xu!" During the imprisonment, Song Xu suffered appalling tortures: The jail guards instigated the criminal inmates to fore-feed him with hot pepper water and high concentrated salt solution, to wipe burning ground chili pepper paste into his eyes, and use very thick and dirty tube for nasal force feeding. Once during a force-feeding, they even tore his moth badly. In order to score points with the authorities to get his sentence reduced, a drug abuser, He Suizhu brutally tortured Song Xu. He tied up Song Xu's whole body with ropes, then tightly wrapped him with a quilt, covered his head with a helmet and put a piece of dirty cloth into his mouth. Song was not allowed to move or turn his body all day long. He Suizhu, once squatted in front of Song Xu, spit in Song Xu's face, cursed him with all kinds of words and slapped his face for as long as four hours. He Suizhu used to stand on Song Xu's chest, pressing down hard and he even forcibly inserted a drumstick into Song Xu's rectum.

According to the report, during the 80 days of Song Xu's hunger strike, his body weight dropped to about 25 kilograms (about 57 lbs) and his life was in danger. His kidneys, intestines and stomach had suffered serious damage due to long-term torture. As a result of being tied up for several weeks, Song Xu lost the ability to walk as his calf muscles had become atrophied. The Baimiao Forced Labor Camp had to inform Song's family to finish the paper work to release him on bail for medical treatment.

The above photos taken In June 2001, after Song Xu went out of the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp are the witness of the persecution he suffered. In the picture, Song Xu was all skins and bones, his arms and legs were as thin as withered brushwood, which was too horrible for people to look at.

On November 10, 2002, Song Xu was once again illegally arrested by the police officers and has been jailed up to the present.