January 29, 2003


Here we expose the crimes being committed under the direction of the vicious criminal policeman Li Aimin at the distribution center [a facility used for temporary detention of people sentenced to labor camps]:

Incident 1: Every morning at 5:30 am, there was a general roll call after getting up. Labor camp detainees from different units had to put their heads down, put their arms together and line up with small footsteps. After lining up, they had to perform repeated squats while facing the captain conducting the roll call. Their hands had to be behind their lowered heads with their fingers crisscrossed, and their elbows had to be pressed between their legs. They had to move vigorously. Some elderly detainees moved a bit too slowly and would be punished by having to do the movements for a few extra hours outside. Each person would only get about 1-2 minutes on average for washing their faces and brushing their teeth. Very often when one went to the toilet, as soon as they sat down, the captain from outside would scream at them to line up.

Incident 2: Having a meal. All three meals were eaten outside. Breakfast and dinner were pickled vegetables and "Swimming Chinese Cabbage" (soup with few pieces of cabbage) for lunch. Before each meal, each unit lined up and recited the rules of the labor camp, put the empty bowl on the ground, put two hands behind the head with fingers crisscrossed and then lowered their heads to wait for the call [to get rice]. Sometimes the vicious police officers intentionally used hot rice scoops to burn practitioners' hands for fun. After getting the rice the detainees had to immediately go to the open field where it was cold, put down the bowls and again put their hands behind their lowered heads. The detainees had to wait until the captain said "eat," regardless of whether the rice was frozen or their hands were stiff from the cold by the time they began to eat.

One day in April 2001, during the meal, a few Falun Gong practitioners courageously stood up and yelled out: "Dafa practitioners all stand up, release Dafa practitioners unconditionally and without any charge!" Immediately, the unit heads jumped up and forced practitioners to the ground. Very soon, a group of vicious policemen took a few electric batons that generate 300,000 volts of electricity [note: regular electric batons just generate a few thousand volts, 150,000 volt electric batons generate fire sparks and can cause bruises on contact; a short moment of shocking can generate burning smell of the skin] and dragged the few practitioners who had stood up to the captain's office. The rest of the few hundred people were all brought back to the cells by the captains, who closed all the doors and windows and did not allow anyone to leave. All of the detainees were terrified; their faces turned pale and their bodies were shaking, and even though the environment around them was noisy, people could still hear the sounds from the electric shocks and the screams from practitioners. A group of policemen tied practitioner Wu to a chair, and the practitioner passed out when shocked by the 300,000-volt electric baton. A few other practitioners were shocked with the high voltage batons on their necks and arms but the authorities mainly shocked their genitals. For those practitioners who wanted to stand up in the field but were forced to the ground, a large group of vicious policemen handcuffed their hands behind their back, forced them onto to the grass, and took turns shocking them with the high voltage electric batons. While performing this inhuman act, the policemen attempted to coerce the practitioners to slander Falun Dafa, and to give up practicing Falun Dafa. Later on at a camp meeting, the police also forced these practitioners to read aloud the guarantees promising to give up the practice of Dafa in front of all the detainees.

Beijing Labor camp information phone number: 86-10-1600225 (ask to be switched)
Tuanhe Labor Camp Management Department phone number: 86-10-61292590
Tuanhe Labor Camp Education Department phone number: 86-10-61292591
Beijing Labor Camp Bureau Head: Zheng Zhenyuan; Political Committee Member: Zhang Xingrong; Assistant Bureau Head: Dai Jianhai etc.
Beijing City Tuanhe Labor Camp Chief and Party Secretary: Zhang Jingsheng; Assistant Chief: Li Aimin (In November 2002, he was transferred from the distribution center to Tuanhe, he is a serious criminal); Zhao XX; Zhang XX; Du Qiwen
Tuanhe 2nd Team Grand Captain: Song XX; Assistant Grand Captain: Ni Zhenxiong; Zhao XX, He Kun; Captain: Li XX
Tuanhe 3rd Team Grand Captain: Grand Captain He; Assistant Grand Captain: Bai Zhongyin; Zhao Jiang; Grand Captain Yin; Captains: Liu Guoxi; Guo Junjun
Tuanhe 5th Team Grand Captain: Yang Baoli; Assistant Grand Captain: Yue Qingjin; Guo Jinhe; Grand Captain Zhang; Captains: Yue Weihua; Wei Guoping; Liu Bin; Captain Yang
Tuanhe 1st Team Assistant Captain: Wang Hua (He was the Captain of 2nd Team. He was mean and vicious)
Tuanhe 7th Grand Captain: Zhao Aiguo (Before January 4, 2002, he was the Grand Captain of the 3rd team. He was deceitful and vicious)
Tuanhe Management Department Head: Ren Baoling (male); Assistant Department Head: Gong Wei; Jiang Wenlai (He was the Grand Captain of the 2nd Team. He was very cruel in treating practitioners)
Tuanhe Education Department Heads: Jiang Haiquan (He is hypocritical but very vicious); Yang Jinpeng; Liao XX; Zhang Fuchao
Tuanhe ex-Assembly Training Team Grand Captain: Liu Jinbiao (On January 4, 2002, he was transferred to production department. He was very cruel in treading practitioners);
Ex-Assembly Team Captain: Zhang Yijun
Tuanhe Assembly Training Assistant Grand Captain: Xu Jianhua
Tuanhe Ex-Assistant Chief: Zhuang Xuhong (He was very cruel in treating practitioners)
Beijing City Female Labor Camp Assistant Chief: Li Jing (male)
Beijing City Female Labor Camp Captain: Li Jirong (He became the representative of 16th People Congress because he was extremely cruel in torturing practitioner); Jiao Xuexian