On The Attachment to Time

I used to have a strong attachment to time, and have had relapses along the way while trying to rid myself of this attachment. Then, thanks to certain opportunities and hints, I began to think about the fundamental nature of the attachment. I came to understand a point: looking at the universe from a certain perspective, it is formed of time and space dimensions. When we have an attachment to "time," what is it that we attach to fundamentally? The universes that have not been rectified will go through the process of formation, stasis, degeneration and destruction, and they cannot escape their fate. What is the concept of time the beings on different levels in the old universe understand? The new universe will last forever, and what is the concept of time the beings whose lives will last eternally in the new universe understand?

I believe the concept of time in the old universe and the new universe are definitely not the same, and the attachment to time is absolutely not an ordinary attachment. The process of relinquishing the attachment to time is also a manifestation of our gradually walking into the new universe in Fa-rectification. When I realized this, my letting go of the attachment to time is no longer a superficial matter.

On Working Together as One Body

When I first read Teacher's article "The Net is Tightening," I felt very happy inside. However, not long after, some practitioners around me suffered persecution one after another, and quite a number of materials sites across the country experienced damage. When looking inward, I understood the following:

  1. When the net is tightening, it is a very serious time, and the struggle of fish would sometimes cause a situation where the net is broken, while some fish die from the struggle. Yet, when we read, "The Net is Tightening," we treat it with the human sentiment of happiness instead of a sense of seriousness and sobriety.
  2. No matter how hard the fish struggles, it only demonstrates what the fish is like before it dies, but if we Dafa practitioners cannot form a net well, we will cause more losses. Although the net strings are thin and fine, if one is pulled, it can have an impact on the whole net. For example, when the evil concentrated on the destruction of materials sites in Mainland China, many practitioners in certain areas failed to realize this and failed to act properly, which caused an impact to whole areas. Some practitioners even behaved like on-lookers. The losses were caused by us all, and in return they affect us all as well. These are the lessons we learn as we improve our understandings.

Presently, the issues of Article 23, the trial of Jiang Zemin and helping more than a billion people in Mainland China get to know the truth are concerning us Dafa practitioners as a whole body. We should learn from our previous lessons, and we should not only understand the importance of being one whole body from the Fa principles, but more importantly, we should put it into practice in our actions.

The above are only my personal understandings for your reference.