Demon-like Ruffians

Wardens in the First Brigade at the Jiutai Labor Camp gathered all Dafa practitioners who are firm and unyielding in their faith in Dafa, into a single jail cell, where the brigade administrator, Meng, along with Warden Lu Tinghui and other brigade leaders, figured out how to carry out their hideous plans of brutal tortures. The guards put up white curtains on all doorways to prevent their vicious acts from being observed by other people. One by one, Dafa practitioners were dragged to the "torture chamber" by Li Kai (from Dehui County in Jilin Province) and Zheng Dan (from Nong'an County in Jilin Province). Practitioner Huang Yaodong was the first one taken there. They pressed him onto the bed and cuffed all his four limbs to the four bed corners. Li Kai and Zheng Dan then used white PVC pipe to inflict wounds around his armpits and thighs. Once they saw the skin was broken, they would rub salt into the wounds and then brush the wounds with a toothbrush. Their favorite tortures also included putting burning cigarette butts between the toes, as well as using four electric batons simultaneously to shock practitioners standing on wet ground. Huang Yaodong, Wu Yaodong, Dong Fengshan, Zhao Xudong were among twenty Dafa practitioners who were tortured this way.

List of those responsible in the First Brigade at Jiutai Labor Camp:

Brigade Administrator: Meng XX.
Warden: Lu Tinghui
Brigade Leader: Li XX and Wang XX.
Unit #1 leader: Zhang XX
Unit #2 leader: Gao XX
Unit #3 leader: Shi Chunfeng

Frightening Brainwashing

On March 24, 2002, practitioner Liu Youchun was called to the warden's office. The guards pressed him onto the floor and cuffed his arms and legs to the table's legs. Three to four guards shocked him using electric batons. Soon the entire hallway was filled with the stench of burnt skin and thick smoke. Such frightening scenes occurred often. About 20 other practitioners were tortured in the same way, including Wang Youting, Xue Baoping, Xiao Guobin, Liu Jingrong, and Xu Peng. The ruffians who tortured Dafa practitioners include Guard Zhao Fengshan, several labor camp interns, and camp officials Lu Chuanfu and Zhang Tie (both from Dehui County in Jilin province). The hooligans tried just about every imaginable torture but could not sway Li Youchun's unwavering faith, even with death threats. With his virtuous and righteous conviction, the ruffians could do nothing but give up.

One day in July 2002, Deputy Li Chuanfu made it known within the cells that higher up government officials had set new goals for "transformations" [meaning to force practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa]. After hearing this threat, Dafa practitioner Bai Ruisong determined that he must get out of the camp with righteous faith in order to deny the evil persecution. One day Brigade Leader Cao led a group to work in the bean field. The field was surrounded with high walls except the south side, where there was a field of trees and shrubs. Bai Ruilin walked along this field all the way towards the west gate of the camp. One of the iron bars was missing on the gate so Bai Ruisong climbed through the gate. Even though there were some people sitting outside the gate, no one paid any attention to him. By the time they found out that he had escaped, Bai Ruisong was long gone. Regrettably, Bai Ruisong was later captured and sent to the Education Brigade for close supervision. Even though Bai Ruisong failed to break out from the camp, nevertheless his effort effectively resisted the persecution by the evil.