Female practitioner Zhang Shurui of Nanshao Village was arrested by the local "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] after the Chinese New Year of 2002. They ransacked her home, sentenced her to two years in a forced labor camp, and jailed her in the Beijing Female Labor Camp. Previously, in the year 2000, Ms. Zhang was jailed in the same place for a year because she appealed for Falun Dafa.

Female practitioner Li Qiuping, also from Nanshao Village, was arrested prior to the Sixteenth Party Congress last year, and sentenced to two and one-half years in a forced labor camp. She was also detained in the Beijing Female Labor Camp. Her husband had recently been released from a forced labor camp where he was detained for one and one-half years.

Practitioner Cui Xiangjun, from Changping Village was put in a labor camp for a year in 2000 because he distributed truth-clarifying materials. In April 2002, people from the "610 Office" came to his workplace to arrest him once again, but he managed to slip away. His wife (also a practitioner) refused to open the door when the police surrounded his house. The police thought that Cui was there and cut a large hole in the back wall of the house, but found that Cui was nowhere to be found. Cui's wife demanded that the police fix the wall and got them to comply. The police were severely criticized by the neighborhood for their actions. Afterwards, they dispatched three vans to perform 24-hour surveillance of Cui's house, but this failed, and accomplished nothing.

Practitioner Guo Wenzhen, in Changping Village, told Ma Hongcai (who's wife Wang Guiru is a former practitioner who has gone astray) the facts about Dafa and gave him a truth-clarification videodisk. They reported him, and the "610 Office" arrested him in the summer of 2002, and sentenced him to three years in a forced labor camp. Previously, in 2000, he was sentenced to one year in a labor camp because he appealed for Dafa. His wife, who is also a practitioner, was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp in 2000 because she made truth-clarifying materials.

Female practitioner Yang Jinju of Changping Village was arrested and put into a brainwashing class prior to the Sixteenth Party Congress. Because she was steadfast in her cultivation, the evil threatened her: "We will put you in jail if you do not convert [give up your belief in Dafa]." She replied: "I am cultivating myself based on Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. Nothing could be wrong with that. What do you want me to convert to? I will not convert even if I stay in jail forever." Ms. Yang spent one year's time in a forced labor camp in 2000 because she had gone to Beijing to appeal. Now the evil was attempting to put her in a labor camp again.

Practitioners Yang Minghai (Yang Jinju's younger brother) and Yang Xiuling, husband and wife, from Changping Village, were both sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp. They lost their jobs after the labor camp ordeal. Prior to the Sixteenth Party Congress, the police surrounded their house and tried to arrest them to take them to a brainwashing class. When they refused to open the door, the police attempted to climb into their house via the balcony. The couple resisted this illegal act. Mr. Yang stood in front of the window and shouted to the people on the street to let them know the true situation. The police could not help but retreat.

Records of former practitioners who have gone astray in Changping District in Beijing:

Wang Guiru, Ding Guili, and Gao Ruihua in Changping Village, who have gone astray, did their best to help the "610 Office" persecute practitioners. They spread lies everywhere, collected information about practitioners, and spied on them. They used their experiences to help the "610 Office" with suggestions for the best times and places to capture practitioners who were distributing truth-clarifying materials, and provided information such as who might be contacting whom. Every time that the "610 Office" held a brainwashing class, they would always be there as collaborators, only to become speechless when they faced practitioners who could see their true natures. They were paid daily wages for their work, and could receive 5000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.] for each practitioner they reported. The "610 Office" even took them to the police station to study Master's articles, so that they could take sentences out of context to confuse practitioners.