Recently a practitioner in Toronto filed a lawsuit against the Chinese Deputy Consul General in Toronto, Mr. Pan Xinchun, and placed a sign facing the Chinese Consulate that read, "Deputy Consul General Pan Xinchun, Sued for Libel (Slander)." The Chinese Consulate immediately called the police to ask the practitioner to remove the sign, but the practitioner's lawyer said there was nothing wrong with his sign because the sign simply stated the factual truth. Because Pan refused all three attempts to serve him with legal papers he is now unable to defend himself.

This sign will stay in front of the Chinese Consulate until the trial date. The practitioner also plans to send pictures of the sign and articles about it to various websites (both Chinese and English) and to Chinese Consulates/Embassies, ambassadors and their accompanying personnel in different areas, in order to expose their evil conduct as much as possible.

For all those Chinese Consulate officials who have done something to persecute Dafa practitioners, I suggest that we expose their names in front of all Chinese Consulates in different areas overseas. This kind of extensive exposure will send a warning to Chinese diplomats who have been involved in or who plan to get involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

The Chinese Consulate officials are terrified at the thought of their names being publicly posted outside. They never seemed too concerned with those "Stop Killing" signs, but as soon as we posted their names, they immediately called the police. They have an extreme fear of being personally exposed to the public. We have heard that the Chinese Consulate official in Ottawa who beat the Falun Dafa practitioner was recalled to China under pressure. This incident created quite a stir within the Chinese Consulates and Embassies in North America. Now the Chinese Consulate officials in Toronto don't even dare to sign their names on letters or documents that are libelous against Falun Dafa.

I suggest that practitioners all over the world unite as one body to thoroughly expose the names of overseas Chinese diplomats who persecute Dafa practitioners, so as to shock those people who would become Jiang's accomplices and commit crimes for the sake of their personal gain. This is also a way of offering salvation to those people who help the dictator persecute innocent people by encouraging them to stop committing evil deeds. I hope practitioners who appeal in front of Chinese Consulates in different areas around the world will consider this suggestion.

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