Facts of the Persecution

Falun Dafa practitioner, Mr. Ma Xuejun is being detained in the Jiamusi Detention Center. Currently, his physical condition is critical because of the torture he's faced. He cannot get out of bed, cannot talk, and his life is in danger. The police not only refuse to release him, but also force his wife to pay for his medical treatment. His wife is also a Falun Dafa practitioner, and has been detained three times. It is impossible for her to pay the amount they want.

Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Feng Jinsheng and Ms. Chen Yihong from Daqing City went to fellow practitioner Yang Min's home in order to avoid being arrested in Zhaoyuan County. They were reported, but left Yang Min's home before police arrived. However, the police arrested Yang and her non-practitioner husband and took them to the Zhaoyuan County Police Station. Yang's husband was beaten for six hours, and the hair on his beard was pulled out. Under intense pressure, he was forced to take the police to Ms. Chen's brother's home. The police then arrested Chen's brother and sister-in-law (both non-practitioners). They could not find Feng and Chen for several days, so they abducted Chen's two sisters (one is a practitioner, one is not).

"610 Office" agent Peng Huizhi, of Huaikou Town, Jintang County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province has forced Falun Dafa practitioners to attend brainwashing classes on many occasions since July 20, 1999, and has extorted money from their families ["610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong with absolute authority over each level of administration in the Party and other political and judiciary systems]. He often led other malicious people in tearing down Falun Dafa banners, and assigned someone to closely monitor Falun Dafa practitioners. On December 2, 2003, while on the way home from getting Dafa materials, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Huang Zhiyong was discovered by the person monitoring him, and then abducted. He is currently being detained in the Jintang County Police Station, where one Falun Dafa practitioner was beaten so badly that he suffered a fractured rib.

Falun Dafa practitioner from Echeng City, Heilongjiang Province Ms. Li Hongmei was abducted and locally detained for more than one year because she tried to appeal for Dafa. She was sent to a labor camp, and is still being inhumanely tortured. When she was first abducted and brought to the Echeng City "610 Office" in the Echeng City Government building, those malicious people pulled her hair, and punched her head against the wall. Police also kicked her hard with their leather boots, which caused her to bleed for a long time. The police also shocked her with electric batons until her body was covered with wounds. She was beaten and tortured in the Echeng City Detention Center. The most severe torture she received was when she was sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp. She was locked in a small cell there many times, shocked with electric batons, tied up with ropes [a form of torture], and was suspended in the air by her arms until she passed out, among other torture. She went on hunger strike to protest the torture, but the police brutally force-fed her.

Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Xie Chunfeng is a court secretary in the Shantou City Middle Court, Guangdong Province. He went to Beijing to validate the Fa in August 1999, and was sent to a mental hospital in Shantou University, where he was inhumanely tortured for nine months. He resigned from his job. Later, he was detained by police from the Waisha Substation in Chenghai City because he practiced the Falun Dafa exercises outdoors. He was detained in the Chenghai Detention center, and was then sent to the Sanshui Labor Camp, where he was held for one year. After his term ended in September 2001, he went to Beijing to appeal. He was missing for one year, and was then sent back to the Chenghai Detention Center. In September 2001, he was sent to the Sanshui Labor Camp for another year of detention. When this term ended, he was escorted directly from the labor camp to the Shantou City Brainwashing Class held by the Political Judiciary Committee, and has been tortured there for more than two months now.

The following are crimes Mr. Zhao Lihua committed in the Dashagou Detention Center in Qingyuan County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province: During October, 1999, whenever Ms. Ma Xiuwen tried to practice the Falun Dafa exercises in the middle of the night, Zhao shocked her with high voltage electric batons. Falun Dafa practitioners went on group hunger strike to protest the cruel torture. Zhao was afraid to be punished since he had done this independently, so he begged Falun Dafa practitioners to forgive him, but never actually changed his behavior. In January 2003, Zhao used an electric baton to shock Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Faxiang's face, cuffed both her hands behind her back and onto a heater, and force-fed her. Sometimes, the force-feeding tube was put down her throat more than 10 times, which caused her extreme pain. As a result, Wang Faxiang's physical condition worsened. She often felt dizzy, and would twitch and faint.

On December 2, 2003, police from the Tumenzi Township Substation stormed into Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Song Chunyou's farmhouse in Qinglong County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. They ransacked his home, and took away his TV and VCD's, among other things. They inhumanely tied up his wife and daughter, and sent them to the Qinglong County Detention Center. They abducted his sister, Falun Dafa practitioner Song Guixian.

There have been more than 250 Falun Dafa practitioners persecuted by the Yucai Neighborhood Administration Office in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Practicing the exercises outdoors has been prohibited since July 20, 1999, and practitioners have been forced to turn in Dafa books. Forty-one practitioners have been dragged down to the basement of the office and illegally detained. Eighteen have been tortured mentally and physically in the Neighborhood Fitness Center. Two have been sentenced to prison terms in the Baoding prison. Three have been sentenced to labor camp. Five have been sent to the local detention center. Eight have been sent to brainwashing classes. One is missing, and no one knows if he is still alive. Many have been forced to become destitute and homeless in order to avoid being unjustly arrested at home. Two have been dismissed from their jobs. Many have had their salaries or pensions withheld. More than 100 thousand yuan in total has been extorted from practitioners [500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China].

In recent years, police officer Gaozhiguo (male) in the Chaoyang City Labor Camp of Liaoning Province has been bent on beating up and cursing Falun Dafa practitioners. He is very cruel. Police officer Fang Jinsen (male) has shocked Falun Dafa practitioners with electric batons many times. Police officer Qi Yongshun illegally extorted Falun Dafa practitioner's money. They force Falun Dafa practitioners to do heavy labor for long periods of time.

Ever since July 20, 1999, more than 100 Falun Dafa practitioners in Hekanzi Township, Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province have been through different degrees of persecution. Among them, one was sent to prison, nine have been sent to labor camps, 42 have been detained, and many more have been arrested and sent to the Township Police Substation. It has been a daily routine for police to storm into people's houses to ransack them or harass practitioners. The Director and Assistant Director of the Police Substation must be held responsible.