(Clearwisdom.net) After the article "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People" was published, with Master's comment, I feel time is more pressing for us to expose the persecutors in our local areas. Exposing the evil in our local areas plays an extremely important role in creating a whole Fa-rectification environment to keep up with the rapid progress of Fa-rectification and saving of sentient beings. Master clearly tells us, "I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in Mainland China will do this well."

Exposing the evil is every Dafa disciple's responsibility. One should not think that it has nothing to do with you simply because you have not been persecuted personally, or there is nothing to expose. The important thing is to realize that persecution of any Dafa disciple is persecution of the Fa and persecution of us all. It is not a matter of whether we have anything to expose, the important thing is whether we have the heart to do so, whether we consider everything we need to do in Fa-rectification as our own business, whether we have considered everything from the perspective of the Fa, and whether we have listened to what Master said. We should not dwell on thoughts like "What if the evil persecutes me if I expose it?"

I have known I should expose persecutors since 2001, but during the past few years, I have not done my best to do this in a systematic, comprehensive manner. One big shortcoming is that although I exposed persecutors on Minghui.net [Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net], I failed to make truth-clarifying materials about the evil happening locally and distribute them to the local people. Therefore, although I have exposed them in a general way, it did not have any real effect on exposing persecutors and clarifying the truth locally. A local police officer even said to me lightheartedly and somewhat proudly, "I'm the vicious police officer reported on Minghui.net." What he meant is that Minghui.net is too far away. Yes, I reported it, but the local people don't know anything about it.

Fellow practitioner Duan Yu put it very well in his article "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People," "An ordinary person cares much more about a small boil on his neck than 40 earthquakes that took place in Antarctica. In other words, everyday people care most about things that are closest to them, and they are most sensitive to the changes in themselves and in their living environment." Recently, we made materials to expose the evil in our local area and distributed them to people. When I clarified the truth to people face to face and showed them the materials, they were all eager to read them, and they showed great interest in reading about the persecutors and their crimes nearby. At the same time, these materials helped them see the truth in a way that no other method could.

In fact, it is not difficult to expose them, so long as we remember our missions at all times, and take the initiative. Much information on the persecutors can be obtained from chatting with people, making an indirect phone call with our wisdom and by giving much thought to things around us in a seemingly casual manner. I think everyone of us Dafa disciples should pay more attention and proactively inquire with wisdom about the persecutors and their crimes, taking note of relevant details such as names and telephone numbers. After exposing their crimes on the Internet, we can edit them and put them in local truth-clarifying materials. We should get the information not only from fellow practitioners who have suffered persecution, but also from everyday people from all walks of life, or our friends and acquaintances, or strangers to whom we clarify the truth. These people are not sensitive and they will tell us what they know without any concern.

When collecting names of the persecutors, one thing touched me deeply C the power of righteous thoughts. At the beginning, I was always influenced by other fellow practitioners, who might say, "It is very difficult to collect evil people's names. We have very few practitioners working in government departments. Who would have those evil people as relatives?" For the past few years, personal information about some chief persecutors in our local area has been treated as top secret, and they were never exposed. However, when I broke away from everyday people's thinking and focused on exposing them, reliable information on several chief evil people came to my knowledge in a flash. After we exposed their crimes on Minghui.net, we exposed their crimes amongst local people, making their crimes known to all by posting their names by the roadsides, on the square and all over the streets and alleys, leaving them nowhere to hide.

As for the forms of exposing persecutors in local areas, the ways mentioned in the article "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People" are very good. Apart from making flyers and booklets, we can also print their names on a list of evil people and post the list everywhere. We can make banners, and moreover, we can clarify the truth to people face to face. Recently, after a persecutor in our area heard that Falun Gong might be redressed soon, he became very scared. What is he scared of? He is scared that Dafa may be redressed; he is scared of the retribution of his persecution of Dafa disciples; he is scared that all his dirty conduct will be made known to the public and be exposed in broad daylight.

When we fail to actively expose the evil or fail to do it comprehensively and in depth, and when we have such loopholes, the persecutors can persecute Dafa disciples recklessly without any scruples. Think about it, if we expose all their crimes, then everywhere they go people will point at them behind their backs and talk about them, and when they see their names posted on the evil person lists on streets every time they step out of their house, can they still remain unconcerned? Can they not feel nervous or not have a guilty conscience? Can they still persecute Dafa practitioners willfully without considering the consequences? If we expose them quickly and more completely, we can greatly reduce the loss of Dafa disciples and sentient beings during the persecution!

I would like to end the article with a paragraph of Master's teaching, "Actually, you've already made it through and done all of these magnificent things, and you've already established this type of mighty virtue. But you should do things even better, and you should continue on until the evil is completely eliminated." ("Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.")

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out any improprieties.