(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xu Shufen, a teacher in the First Elementary School affiliated with Daqing Oil and Chemical Company was illegally arrested by Police from Longfeng Police Station on the morning of June 20, 2000. At the time, she was taking part in the group practice at the Central Park at Daqing City's Longfeng District. She was released on August 4 only to be arrested again when she went to appeal to authorities in Beijing on December 15, 2000. She was sent to Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center in Harbin City on January 18, 2001 and was held there for fourteen months. Xu's husband, Li Xiaorong was tortured to death on December 14, 2001, while she was illegally detained in the rehabilitation center.

(See "Husband Li Xiaorong Tortured to Death, Wife Xu Shufen Still in Detention."


After her release, Xu was not permitted to teach, but was instead required to work in the receiving room, and was paid at the same rate as a laid-off worker.

On December 20, 2002, the police arrested Xu and ransacked her home because she had written a letter to Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center. She was jailed in Daqing Jail for a month and then sent to a "rehabilitation" center for a year. She is still there. Her in-laws (in their seventies) take care of her son, a student in junior high school.

Xu's family members have not seen her since her latest arrest. They tried to call her but were not able to reach her. Nobody knows her present situation. To find out how she is, her mother-in-law has visited the First Elementary School and the education department of Daqing Oil And Chemical Company, and Longan Police Station of Longfeng District Police Department in Daqing City. But she was turned back each time and was told that Xu could not be released because she has not totally transformed and her detention term was not over. Due to the stresses of losing a son and having her daughter-in-law detained, in addition to the blame from misunderstanding family members', her mother-in-law has lost considerable weight.

I have read an article which contains some information about Ms. Xu. It says in the article: "They extended the terms of detention for steadfast practitioners. For example, the police twice extended the detention term of Xu Shufen in Daqing, accusing her of "destroying the teaching materials."

Now Xu Shufen has been detained for close to a year and is near the end of her term. I urge all righteous people of the world to pay attention to her situation and provide help if you can.